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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
Changes: Sim Layout, City-States, RPCSS Factions, and Storyline. Read More

Faction Leads

From The Citadel

We do not have traditional Faction Leads for Arcovia. We have staff who are happy to help you choose a faction and answer questions about the faction. We have four in character leadership positions for each of the city state; Head Agent to the diplomat, warlord, coinmaster, and spy master. You are welcome to contact either one of my staff or one of the in character leads. Please understand that in character leads may not be experts on the sim cultures, but should be able to tell you about the current sim role-play for their city-state.

I am also always available to help, please do not hesitate to DM me Branwyn.Emerald in game or on discord.

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