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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Hud Profile (RPCSS)

From The Citadel

To use either the RPCSS Hud or the RPCSS Web system you will need to create a profile. The profile defines your characters role within the fiction.

The profile screen will ask for basic information including the name of your Arcovia Characters, your email address, the faction you wish to join, the role you wish to play, and a check box to refuse promotion. Fill this information in correctly and hit submit.

Character Name

You can set your character name for Arcovia here and it will use your character name, as well as allow you to use a chat override in necessary. This can be changed once every 7 days.


If you do not yet have a chosen faction or wish to play as a foundling please select Founding/Faction Undecided. If you choose this you will be assigned foundling dice roles and unable to select a role.

Once you choose a faction, you will not be able to change your faction again yourself. Instead you will need to have someone in a Head Agent role of another faction issue you an invite to their faction.

Requested Role

You will automatically be given the role you request, but understand there is a difference between being an agent of the warlord and the head agent of the warlord. If you do not wish to be promoted to head agent you will wish to select I do not wish to be Promoted.

You can only change your requested role once every 7 days.

Chat Override

The hud also works as a chat override for your character name specified on the profile. You may use /4 text here to emote and /4: text here to say.


Promotion to a head agent position happens in the following ways:

  1. If the current head agent does not submit orders or click the pass option by Tuesday night the Diplomat will gain control of the role so they can submit orders.
  2. The current head agent (who failed to submit orders) will then be demoted at end of turn, have their play time set to 0, and RPCSS will promote the next in line. If there is no one in line the Diplomat is given access to the role.
  3. If someone is promoted to head agent mid-week the Diplomat keeps access until end of turn and both players have access to the role screen.
  4. If the current head agent is fired by the Diplomat, the next in line is promote. If no one is in line the Diplomate gains access to the role. Note: All firings of head agents must be justified in RP to an Admin.
  5. If someone leaves the current head agent role, the next in line is promoted. If no one is in line the Diplomat gains access to the role.
See Also
  • How to Join - Which will explain other ways in which you can be removed from your role.
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