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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
Changes: Sim Layout, City-States, RPCSS Factions, and Storyline. Read More

Sim Layout

From The Citadel


The Arcovian Citadel sim spans three major districts of the Arcovian City-State; the Nordic district of Suttenborg, the Greco-Mococcan district of Al'Shadar, and a shady crossroads. These three districts are just the in-world representation of a much larger city that houses over 100,000 people. These three districts represent blended elements from the six of the city-states part of the current storyline. There are a few additional on-demand scenes for exploration; arena, ballroom, council chambers.

Experience Teleporters
We use experience teleporters to move players from one district or scene to another. To use an experience teleporter you must have accepted the experience in the beginning -- and then you just walk into the space and it will automatically teleport you.
Exterior Only Buildings
We use a selection of buildings with interiors as well as exterior only buildings to simulate the vast size of the city-state. Please note that not all doors "go some where". If you can not open a door or walk thru it, please assume it to be a decoration.
Rental Shops
We have a few rental shops available for role-play ownership; some are decorated, some are not. Please look around. Rental Shops will have discreet rental signs near the front door. Most city shops are obvious as they either do not have doors, they use half-height doors or doors with glass panels.
On demand City-State Chambers
There is one on-demand city-state chamber for each of the 6 city-states. Each city-state chamber will be marked by its corresponding banner, these are not private and anyone may go into them.
Taverns, Inns and Public Houses
Each of the various taverns, inns, and public houses have free on-demand rooms that can be used for private roleplay.
There are no rentable homes.
We do not wish the sim to be dependant on rental income or encourage lingering on sim not roleplaying. On-sim activity effects agent promotions.

Other City States

The other city-states are not represented in-world, and I do not intend to build them. Please consider just how many prims it would take to build all the city-states, and then imagine just how much the fictional distance would segregate the player base. The entire point of the sim design is to drive the role-play into one medieval city.

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