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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Sim Premise

From The Citadel

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The Arcovian Citadel sim is geared directly towards those players who are interested in dark medieval politics in a low fantasy setting. There is plenty of room for casual players who wish to support those participating in the main political plotline.

The Premise so far ...

There are thirteen independant city-states on the Continent of Essealas, each with its own system of governance, politics, law and culture. They are in a constant state of shifting wars and alliances. Approximately 300 years ago, a guild from Arcovia gained control of the most advanced form of communication the land had ever seen -- nearly sentient messenger birds. This would change the face of political warfare forever. The Céon can quickly and intelligently deliver messages over long distances. How they do this so rapidly and how they are bred and trained is a mystery known only to the guild masters of the Arcovian Citadel.

The Citadel holds a monopoly on the birds and all messages. Communication can only be sent to and from a Citadel guildmember. Consequently, the small councils of each city-state are determined to keep a team of agents in Arcovia itself to assure that messages are not unscrupulously interfered with. This would further centralize much of the diplomacy, trade negotiation, and spycraft to Arcovia itself.

Unfortunately, the Arcovian Guild is not an impartial observer to the vulgarities of political practices, and maintain a nearly impossible standard of conservative moral laws. Intimidation, promiscuity, graft, drugs, and information theft are crimes -- as is practically everything else the agents must do to bribe, manipulate, seduce, steal, and bully information out of their peers.

Players play as human agents to the small council of their city-state that have been sent to the central city-state of Arociva, the Citadel to gather intelligence and take part in the Great Game. Players will choose from one of 12 city-states. The agents will use RPCSS and the information gleaned from players to wage political, martial, and financial war on their neighbors. The small council itself and the rulers are NPCs that live in their native city-state.

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