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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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From The Citadel

Suttenborg is one of the northern districts and is home to the diplomatic chambers for Jarnfell, Valgard and Rusavik. Suttenborg is a district that blends the stave structure of Jarnfell with the natural elegance of Valgard.

This is one of the four diplomatic districts and represents the wealth and power of the city-state agents that call this district home. There are dozens of other fictional districts in the city which are not represented in world. Feel free to claim that your character actually lives or works in Little Bottom, Saucy Knot, Rapstein's Rose, Little Lane, or any number of other districts both more and less sophisticated.

The Mead Hall

One of Arcovia’s more casual dining establishments, the Armored Cock is no less of a desirable destination. Warm and cozy, the location is informal enough to allow for one to truly let their hair down. The location is nearly always bustling with folks coming to feast on roasted meats, hearty cheese and dense brown bread. The real gem of the place, however, is the choice in its drink offerings. Thick honeyed mead is usually the beverage of choice. However, The Armored Cock makes it easy to get a pleasant buzz even on a budget. Acidic and with a manner of production most people find it easier not to think about, dairy-based Syra is a highly potent intoxicant sold for almost half the price of a decent ale. Whether you arrive to drink away your troubles, or to use the hum of friendly conversation to mask some sort of unscrupulous action, The Armored Cock is a worthwhile visit for anyone wanting to explore the REAL Arcovia.

The Bath House

While other bathing establishments throughout Arcovia may focus on frou frou treatments and soaks, Suttonborg’s bath house is where you go to get clean if you dont require frills to be part of your cleansing process. Warm pools for soaking tired muscles and everything you need to properly wash away the grime that comes along with a hard day’s work. Soaps are available for purchase, but typically one brings their own. There are a few well trained attendants available for assistance, but they seem to be fairly under-utilized. Historically a place to simply get in, get clean and get out… the location has recently seen a shift towards a more communal experience. Groups socializing, occasionally with a drink or two brought over from the nearby tavern. Cleanliness is a virtue, and one that could hardly be practiced at a better institution. Truly an establishment for the every-man.

The Sacred Tree

A stand-in for several different hallowed trees from Essealas’ many varied religions, The Sacred Tree in Suttenborg is revered by the majority of its residents. The location of various rituals and ceremonies, the area around the tree is always kept well maintained and clean. People who visit this natural monument often say that the air that hangs about it has a stillness that can't be found anywhere else within the city’s walls. A true peace, and comfort in the calm. Whether there’s any merit to such claims is to be seen. One thing, however, is certain. The people for whom the tree is revered, are prone to taking any disrespect of it as a great affront.

The Folk Circle

This circular area of packed area of earth, surrounded by benches is Suttonborg’s true core. The place where decisions are made, complaints are aired, announcements shared, and settlements broached. The center of law for the district is far more casual than Al’Shadar’s forum. All who wish to speak can and this often leads to some rather spirited bouts of debate. Specifically rooted within the north’s democratic process, there’s a heavy focus on impartiality and fair representation on all situations brought within this circle. The spirit of equity, a driving force among many of the people who have settled their bones in this particular corner of Arcovia , has its home here.

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