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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Applications are optional. The Comraich application process was far too complicated and time-consuming for both players and staff. We hope that the new fiction which is inherently more adaptable to cultural shifts will eliminate the need for race/kingdom/city-state/culture gatekeeping.

We have created a #character-bio-feedback channel in discord for those who would like to receive feedback on their character backstory. Simply join discord, and find the right channel, where you can link a comments only google document for others to give feedback on.

How To

Prepare your document in Google Docs. When you are done and ready to share:

  • Click on the blue share button in the upper right corner.
  • Then click on the "Change to anyone link".
  • Set the lower right corner option to "Commenter", then click "Copy Link" and finally "Done". Image Link
  • Paste the link in the #character-bio-feedback with an introduction.

This is community feed back, not STAFF feed back. Please be patient with all levels of bios and bio commentary.

What do you need to answer
In creating your backstory, the main goal is to answer why is your character in Arcovia and why are they working as a spy or member of the diplomatic core. Keep your eye on this goal and you will likely craft a viable character for the sim plot lines.
We reserve the right
We strongly encourage everyone to share a bio and get some feed back. This is not an anything goes fiction. We simple feel that an experienced role-player can read the lore and craft a suitable character. If at any point staff feel that you are off page they have the right to request that you write a backstory for review and discussion.
Stay away from my canon
You are welcome to write yourself as a distant relative of one of the NPCs, or create names for obscure towns on the map. But you can not write a back story that impacts canon, or requires someone else to know your backstory when writing their own. I am not going to keep track of hundreds of backstories, nor am I going to ask future players to navigate other players' backstories. Stay in your own lane.
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