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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
Changes: Sim Layout, City-States, RPCSS Factions, and Storyline. Read More

Updates (RPCSS)

From The Citadel

A running list of the updates done to RPCSS and the Hud.

Saturday, June 13th at 11:00AM SLT

  • The maximum amount of resource nodes on the map and any one time has been increased by 40%
  • Do Not Promote Me will now default to On
  • Do Not Promote Me will now change to On when any of the following happens:
    • The player is fired from their role
    • The player is demoted from their role
    • The player is sufficiently grievously wounded that they lose their role

Thursday, April 1st at 4:00AM SLT

  • New Feature: Initial Beta of the Event Calendar is being released for testing. The calendar is for players to be able to create events and to see what events are currently planned for on sim. Please provide any feedback or issues you come across to the #rpcss-help channel in Discord. To access the calendar, use your hud to go to the RPCSS website and use the Event Calendar link on the left side of the page.
  • Update: Always show enemy armies on the dashboard when they are in one your controlled hexes
  • Bug Fix: Head Agents should have access to RPCSS even if they have less then 4 hours on sim time
  • Bug Fix: Players that are the highest level of grievously wounded are WERE able be promoted into a head role. Fixed - they should not as they are too injured to perform Head Agent duties
  • Update: Updated the text on the Occupy screen to make it more obvious that it is an order given to the army, not the hex

Wednesday, March 24th at 4:15AM SLT

  • Bug Fix: A defending army that wins a battle is incorrectly getting a notification that they won while performing marching orders
  • Update: The Event Calendar has been removed from this update due to some time zone handling issues and will come back in a later update.

Tuesday, March 23rd at 3:30AM SLT

  • Bug Fix: Adjacent hex determination is sometimes considering hexes adjacent that are not
  • Bug Fix: Accepting an alliance is failing due to a recent bug fix
  • Bug Fix: Under some circumstances, players are unable to change their role on the Profile screen, even after 7 days.
  • Bug Fix: The titler will sometimes relay speech from other players, not just its owner

Monday, March 15th at 3:30AM SLT

  • Update: Restrict faction information in RPCSS to players that have spent at least 4 hours role-playing on sim in the last three weeks.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved some more scenarios where hit point regeneration was incorrect. Hopefully should now have these under control.
  • Bug Fix: Notifications about the Head Diplomat gaining access to other head role order entry screens on Saturday nights should only be going to the head diplomat, but are instead going to the whole faction.

Saturday, March 13th at 9:15AM SLT

  • Bug Fix: Under some circumstances, the Head Diplomat was able to fire multiple times within the 2 week restriction period. This has now been fixed so that only one firing can take place every 14 days for a given faction.

Friday, March 12th at 4:15PM SLT

  • Bug Fix: When damaged in combat, the incorrect amount of remaining hit points is being reported to the player

Thursday, March 11th at 2:30AM SLT

  • New: Ability to use an alternate character. On your profile screen, you now have a section where you can fill out the information for your alternate character. Enter their name, and any additional descriptive text, then use the radio buttons at the top of the screen to choose which of your characters, Primary or Alternate, is active. Your in game titler will change to reflect which character is currently the character you are role-playing on sim.
  • Bug Fix: Recovery time for grievous wounds was longer than intended. It should now be what is actually documented in the wiki
  • Update: If orders that were submitted by.a player are cancelled, and then the player does not issue any other orders, they were being demoted at end of turn for not having submitted any orders. The system is being updated such that we record the fact that orders were submitted, regardless of whether or not they were later cancelled, and use that to determine player involvement.
  • Bug Fix: Allied armies are not showing up on the map in the Scout Order submission screen

Sunday March 7, 2021 at 6:30PM SLT

  • Bug Fix: Some allied armies are showing up as enemy armies on the map
  • Bug Fix: An error is thrown when trying to build a resource without an army in the hex, even though the faction already controls the hex
  • Bug Fix: The hud was not properly detecting when players were in the landing area and was accumulating sim time for them. Sim time is only supposed to accumulate when the player is in a role-play area
  • Update: Do not allow players to select a hex other than a valid orange hex when submitting an Occupy order
  • Bug Fix: End of turn is not properly detecting that the Head Diplomat did not submit or request and Alliances

Sunday March 7, 2021 at 11 am SLT

The following updates have been implemented, bugs resolved and questions answered.

  • Update: Give visibility to a resource if it pops in an occupied hex. Only to the controlling faction though.
  • Update: Give visibility to a resource if it pops in an occupied hex. Only to the controlling faction though.
  • Continued Bug Report: Switched from Tenysia to Albion, and the faction change worked fine, except I still have access to coinmaster and warlord, which was left over from Tenysia. Fixed.
  • Bug: The army is not required to build out a resource when its in occupied land.
  • Bug: Make sure you reset current hitpoints when demoted.
  • Bug: I could muster twice into new army in a fortification
  • Update: Tweeks to Trade Route costs, as per: Trade Route Request page on wiki
  • Update: The GW status needs an expiration date so that people can' not gain say the system to stay GW at a level that keeps them in their role.
  • Question: Do we need to reset time on sim if they get booted due to combat ... talk thru the scenarios. Yes we didm and it was implemented to reset time.
  • Bug: Faction for new players says New Players, not "Foundling/Undecided" ... please just fix in Go Live.
  • Bug: found when trying to inspect nearby players
  • Bug: Need to add pages when selecting players for dice and inspection. Breaks when there is more than 10 people around
  • Bug: The "X hours ago" needs to be fixed to display against local time.
  • Question:Are we 100% sure that head agents that haven't put in orders will be demoted on Sunday morning at 12am (midnight saturday night) and not Saturday morning at 12am (midnight friday night) I know, dumb question, but I think like a 3rd shifter now. Ugh. Resolved, yes we are sure
  • Check: Please read the HP regain code again. We have not actually done any full tests of it, so if you could give it a check that would good.
  • Update: On the various war lord screens please remind players that it is only ONE order PER army per turn.
  • Bug: Apparently we didn't set the Arcovia Guild as being an NPC guild so people are able to select it. Now that work out today so that we could add the two guards, the guild master and petty, but we'll need to clean it out of anyone else who chose it and lock it down again.
  • Bug Report - Minor: Still shows 7 days on the marching order screen.
  • Update: Over head text shows up in soft white.
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