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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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The Crossroads

From The Citadel

The Brothal

The Bobbing Maiden offers a perfect environment in which to indulge in one's basest desires. Luxurious, dark, and moody, this establishment offers a menu of every possible carnal pleasure, within regulatory reason of course. Scintillating performances to draw you in, and rooms above for more private encounters, it’s easy to forget the scrupulous eye that so closely regulates promiscuity within the city. There’s talk that, if properly vetted, offerings for the more adventurous do exist. However, much to the Arcovian Guild’s chagrin upon their many, MANY inspections of the brothel, such rumors seem to be unfounded.

The Undertakers

While there are multiple venues for the disposal of the dead in Arcovia, none are regarded with as much distrust as this particular establishment. Unscrupulous and reprehensible, talk abounds of bodies disposed of with no questions asked, unauthorized excavations, double burials meant to hide evidence. A miasma of rumors hovers around the space like an ominous fog. Whispers of every possible reprehensible thing that can involve a dead body have been uttered with absolute certainty about the undertaker’s at the crossroads at least once. Likely, it’s all simply explained away as some legend meant to stir up or drive away business, but the fetid stench of death lingers about the place regardless.

The Opium Den

The Yīngsù Lounge is a cozy little hidden gem, tucked away in a quiet corner of the crossroads. A place for relaxation and meditation, the lounge is an oasis of calm amongst the grit and grime of the surrounding area. Private cushioned seating areas offer up a comfortable place to recline and simply let your mind wander. Some people who wish to undermine the legitimacy of the venue have made wild and unsubstantiated claims about certain substances being sold within these tranquil walls. Horrible fabrications about hidden opium paraphernalia, and other abominable intoxicants abound. In spite of these attempts at delegitimizing a fabulous establishment, The Yīngsù Lounge continues to be a pillar of the community, the warm smokey sweet haze cloud of incense perfuming the otherwise putrid streets of the crossroads.

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