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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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The Aviary

From The Citadel

The Aviary is one of the central districts and is home to the Arcovian Citadel as well as the diplomatic chambers for Albion, Telrae’dor and Halberg.

This is one of the four diplomatic districts and represents the wealth and power of the city-state agents that call this district home. There are dozens of other fictional districts in the city which are not represented in world. Feel free to claim that your character actually lives or works in Little Bottom, Saucy Knot, Rapstein's Rose, Little Lane, or any number of other districts both more and less sophisticated.

The Public House

When Arcovia’s citizens need to impress, whether it be a business partner or a potential romantic interest, The Gilded Plume is usually the first establishment that comes to mind. Known for its incredible selection of quality wines, ciders, and its unparalleled ambiance, a visit to this location is sure to signify no small measure of good taste. The elite of Arcovia find The Plume to be the only suitable location to take in a meal in the whole of the city. Catering to a very specific palate, one can find a wide variety of meat pies, smoked fish, root vegetables and all of it smothered in sumptuously rich sauces. Of course, if you have any special requests, the cooks can accommodate… but modifications often come paired with an upturned nose and a piercing glare. The quality you find here does not come cheap, and the prices alone are usually enough to keep out the riff-raff.

The Aviary

Austere and solem, the home of the Arcovian Guild is a commanding presence in Arcovia’s center. The true core of the city , The Aviary can be expected to be at least moderately busy at any point one might arrive. Here you’ll find one of the city's finest research libraries, and the main hub for the sending and receiving all Céon delivered correspondence. In addition to the rooms open to the public, there are plenty that most people are barred from entering including the Guild’s ”Interrogation” chambers. Keeping a city in check is difficult work that occasionally requires harshness. Any screams coming from the building’s upper towers should be summarily ignored.

The Hospital

The pinnacle of medical treatment and research, The Hospital is the most advanced medical institute in the whole of Essealas, at least by their own standards. Arcovian medical education is strict and lengthy and it is not unusual to see a gaggle of trainees attending and observing alongside seasoned professionals. Only those who show a firm grasp of the material they learn are allowed to apprentice. Even fewer are allowed to maintain their own practice within the hospital proper. Quality care is costly, but if one lacks the means to be treated by a specialist, there are plenty of students who would relish the opportunity to practice on a willing subject.

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