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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Please attempt to communicate with the sim staff before contacting the Admins. You can also go to the #questions-and-answers channel in discord and tag @staff with your question or issue. If no staff are available to help you then please leave Torolf or Branwyn a message.

The List

Staff Team
  • Frithuswith (sagira.crescendo), Brittany#2107 (in Discord)
  • Khalil Zaheem (mephistothelost), kaio999#0769 (in Discord)
  • Nell Whiteleaf (nellsvocea), Nell Whiteleaf#4341 (in Discord)
  • zayagrace, Fee#9733 (in Discord)
  • Narniapoq.Resident, Narniapoq (in Discord)
  • Vishouspayne.Nitely, Vishous (in Discord)
  • Branwyn.Emerald
  • Torolf Fenrirson (firstleviathan)
Build Team (Do not contact)
  • Pandapantsuu Resident

Staff Rules

Our goal is to moderate role-play or any conflict that one of the owners determines impacts the sim. It is not our job to moderate old greviences that have nothing to do with the sim, its staff or its role-play.

  • Do not moderate a call that involves yourself or any of your friends, always bring in someone who is perceived as being impartial.
  • Seek to understand all sides of the situation and find a moderated and equitable solution.
  • All player interaction as staff must be documented in game with a notecard as well as indicated in the discord staff channel.
  • Please advise all players, at the time of an altercation, that the situation will be reviewed by an admin so they know we do check everything.


This section will list the various staff discussions which result in documented guidelines. These guidelines help staff navigate the various grey areas that come up in the course of managing a sim. As always, final authority comes from the three sim owners; Bane, Torolf and Branwyn

RPCSS and Roleplay

This is a role-play sim so we obviously expect you to role-play in conjunction with your orders in RPCSS. If we are given to understand a person has a Head Agent role in RPCSS and has not done any role-play with their team or with anyone else, and in fact has little to no on time sim, we reserve the right to push someone else up into the role.

However, we also recognize that there are time zone differences, that the information in the hud is itself IC information, new Head Agents are often unsure of the faction's established protocols and that in the end very few people will actually waste their time doing moves for a sim they are not interested in playing on.

If your team has a member who is not participating, communicate as best as you are able and be patient.

IC Travelling out of Arcovia

If you want your character, as a Head Agent, to be off sim at the front line/back "home" you must count 4-8 hex travel per week, plus one week off sim, plus travel back. So if you need to move 8 hexes, that is three weeks off sim, and a loss of 3 weeks of moves. No you can not submit moves “early enough in the first week and late enough in the last week to circumvent this.” Staff will enforce the no moves rule for the absent character.

Killing or Kidnapping the Ruler and Small Council

The mechanics of RPCSS state that once an army crosses into a non-allied territory they are told immediately of your arrival. Consequently, there is plenty of time for Rulers and Small Council to be whisked away to safety.

The only way to circumvent this is to surround the entire capital city with 6 armies. In which case we reserve the right to dice role each member of the council and determine what happens to them.

Seige and Vassalage

The actual process of sieging a city and forcing them to vassalage in RPCSS is not yet programmed, so all other implementations have to be done on a case by case basis between the players mediated by Staff.


Second Life avatar modification is virtually limitless and allows individuals to express themselves in astonishing ways. That said, not all aesthetic choices will mesh well with every environment that Second Life has to offer and Arcovia Citadel is no exception. Here are some guidelines that everyone should follow when designing an avatar for the sim:

  • As explained on the humans page, everyone should appear human. Ears may be tapered, but no more than you would expect of a hobbit from the LoTR trilogy.
  • Anthropomorphic (furry) avatars are not permitted in Arcovia Citadel. At this time, quadrupeds (even non-speaking ones) are not playable options.

The question of whether “anime heads” can be used has come up. In general, you should expect that the M2, M3 and M4 series from Utilizator will not be permitted for use under any circumstances. Mokyu and ASR heads are also not permitted under any circumstances.

We do not have a pre-approved list of which heads can be used, but if your choice is seen as pushing a limit, you may be contacted by staff to discuss potential tweaks or outright changes depending on the situation. Catwa, Genus Project, Lelutka, GA.EG and Akeruka heads are all generally safe bets, however.

Appearance not in line with City State

While staff reserve the right to discuss appearances with players, their focus is on the broader lines as it relates to medieval human and the sim fiction. An avatar that can't have been born in Arcovia or dressed in clothing that can't be reasonably explained as medieval is staff's area of interest.

However, all of the City States have their own standards of dress and comportment, and the absolute right to enforce those expectations ICly. In fact, the fiction and RPCSS quite literally expects a certain "court level" from the diplomats. If a character chooses to disregard the those standards the rest of the characters have the right to respond to it. Those responses can include refusal to allow promotion, complete disregard, cutting remarks, slander or even martial challenge. This is the middle ages and most of the city states do not embrace people who are not "like themselves".

What you can and can not do isn't something staff can even moderate fairly. Who is to say why someone dresses a certain way? Are they confused? Poor? A double agent? Insane? Of Mix Blood? Any and all reasons can be considered plausible, and equally as many reasons not be plausible. In the end, unless you are breaking a physical appearance and medieval attire barrier for the sim, everything else is up to the player base to enforce.

We have given you the tools, use them.

Plot Lines

There are some plot lines that are not within scope:

  1. Personal plot lines: Our staff team is not currently structured to help players push forward their personal plot lines and they will need to manage those themselves.
  2. Laws and policies within the City State: The players do not have the ability to change the laws or policies of their home city-state. They are a diplomatic core who's entire influence is what we'd call "forgein policy" and does not apply to the city state itself. Any attempt to do so would be met with swift and final reprisals.

Sim Landing Policy

I have no desire to continually chase people out of the landing. There is a ton of role-play going on in the role-play areas of the sim, and more often then not there are way more people in role-play then in the landing, or those in the landing are predominantly new players or players just coming off a scene, or waiting to go to another scene.

I do however ask players who are idling to go into the tavern and keep the road cleared so new players don't feel blocked in. However, I've been forced to turn off sounds on the sim because of disruptive bumpers and gestures.

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