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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Essealas is set in a medieval world that approximates Earth's High Middle Ages of the 11ths to 12th century. Slavery in some form or another exists within all of the city-states and has not been outlawed, nor even questioned. Rights and privilege belong to citizens, not Foundlings, and certainly not slaves, serfs, or indentured servants.

The average city-state citizen, as well as most player characters, thinks little or nothing of slaves. They are for the most part as common as furniture and due no more and no less consideration than one would give an animal.

Character Creation
You are welcome to play a slave, but do so with the full understanding that this sim is designed for political role-play, and your role as a slave may be of little interest to other player characters unless you are as well actively involved in the larger political plotlines.
Serving Roles
There are plenty of roles available for someone who would like to be a slave/servent to one of the city-state diplomatic cores, or serve food and drinks in one of the many food establishments. Anyone can assume that they would be hired by the proprietor of a tavern or restaurant to serve -- simply step up and begin the role-play with a simple, "What can I get you". If you would like to serve a specific city-state and need help talking with the lead agent to the diplomat or other person in charge, please contact Branwyn.Emerald for assistance.
Slaves are Property
There are no universal "slave laws" in effect in Arcovia beyond the view that slaves, like cows, horses, dogs and furniture are property, and property laws are in effect. Owners may treat their property as they wish, and if someone has a problem with it they can confront them or offer to purchase the property.
Becoming a slave
Arcovia covers the entire breadth of medieval slavery, everything from born slave, to captured in war, to debtors slaver, to criminal slavery as well as the Gorean submission slavery.
Consequently, every reasonable medieval reason to be freed of slavery also exists; bought your freedom, given freedom, time of slavery over, ran away, etc. is valid.
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