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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Rentals (Shops/Houses)


There are about a dozen rentals scattered all over the sim, some are decorated as shops, some are empty. All rentals are 100L/week. Undecorated rentals get 50 prims to decorate with, decorated shops get 25 prims to decorate with. These rentals are reserved for active role-players, consequently rent must be paid weekly to assure that you are still active. There is a little rental sign in each building, near the front door.

Patron Rentals

Patron rentals are for those players who wish to support the sim while gaining a perk or two. By having a patron rental you will be added to the land group so as to be able to set home and direct teleport. You will also get a 50 prim allotment for you to use on the sim nearly everywhere. The cost of the Patron Rental is 1000L a month, paid for in monthly installments, up to a total of 3 months. The Patron rental boxes are in the Landing Tavern on the back wall.

Please Note: Nearly everywhere assumes that the prims you placed look nice and are thematic and non-obstructive. I reserve the right to return anything that I find unappealing or generating lag.

Event Space

If you need to host an event that does not fit with in the sim build you are welcome to contact me and I will assist in setting up a special event build with you.


One rental per player please -- we only have a limited number of rentals.

To help preserve a lag free and pleasant environment, objects that are out of place or cause lag may be returned without notice. If you have questions about lag in your objects or wish to have them looked over, please don't hesitate to reach out to build staff.

This includes
  • Any object using over 30 textures (Right click>more>more>inspect to check)
  • Any object with heavy scripts (Animation scripts are ok, but please de-script all texture-change, candle flame, and water animation scripts when applicable.)
  • Any object emitting light that spills out past your rental.
  • Any object that does not fit within the sim lore.
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