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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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From The Citadel


While most player characters act as agents in the Citadel they may also have regular occupations which they employ to act as cover for their other activities. Here is a list of occupations:

Body Guards/Servents
As most agents come from noble families, they are able to hire any bodyguards or personal servants that they please. It would be entirely realistic for both to be agents as well themselves.
Many agents will have been born into wealthy merchant families and may be handling their family business as well as working for their city-states coin master.
Many of the agents come from noble families and have the means to spend their days as they please.
You can play as either a trained physician or any type of healer appropriate to your culture. Physicians are trained by the Arcovian guild, but may not still work for them. Any Arcovian trained physician is welcome to work out of the infirmary of the citadel. Untrained healers will set up shop themselves, or as herbalist and pharmacies.
The library in the citadel is considered the most advanced library in the world -- scholars from all over visit the library to advance research.
Shop Keep
There is a wide selection of pre-decorated and empty shops on sim that can be used by players to enact their roles as shopkeepers.
A simple and inexpensive rental system allows players to claim ownership of the shop fictionally and easily. Pre-decorated shops will allow a few prims to add a shop sign, a mail box, and a little deco to make it your own. The smaller districts will have empty shops that you can rent and decorate yourself.

Roles Not Available

Falconer of Ceon Birds
Only Arcovian guildmembers can raise and train the ceon birds, and that role is not available to player characters.
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