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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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News and Rumors

From The Citadel

Submissions for News and Rumors can be sent directly to Branwyn.Emerald in world via notecard, or preferably posted to the #wiki-news-and-rumors channel in Discord. All italic posts are considered to be ICly available news or rumor.


Event Calendar

An event calendar has been implemented in RPCSS. Please access RPCSS via the hud and look on the left hand side for the new feature. This is a beta version with more updates planned for the future.

May 2021

Duwick, Shewan 1121 (5/100-5/14/21)

The philosopher's daughter waves a hand and servants appear. "Come Sherm Al Ayad, let's sit under the awning here, in this little place across the way. My servants will bring wine and other refreshments. It is neutral enough, is it not, under the watchful eye of our centurions? (5/11/21)

* * *

"Nyet," a member of the Rusavik Hall staff stated when questioned on whether Yakov Luka Marozov missed his dual with Lucy Dragon. "Bad cabbage, digestive crisis." Is all that's said in answer to those seeking answers at the Hall. Of course speculation follows that answer when healers summoned to Suttenborg to tend to the Rus Captain, rumors of poison follow in their wake, the plague, as peasants talk about peasant things, one healer quickly squashes the rumor, saying, "He has the shits, there was no poison," though insistent rumors are spread from the Rus, insisting on foul play. (5/10/21)

Priwick, Ravn 1121 (5/5-5/9/21)

The Valgard embassy seemed busy the past two days. Reports say the windows are lit all through the night and people have been coming and going all through the day. A messenger arrived bearing the arms of the Draken Dal, the personal banner of Clan Sorrowsong. Whispers say the Earl of the Draken Dal has died. (5/5/21)

Novwick, Shewan 1121 (4/30-5/04/21)

The ladies only event as a rousing success or so the servants whisper this morning. Rumors fly that diplomats from Bheka and Fendahl were in attendance as well as the huntress Lucy. Ladies from Tiberia were in attendance as well as they enjoyed the night under the stars. Food, drink and gifts were given with remaining gifts meant for the diplomats that did not attend given to servants. Letters of thank you have been sent out this morning to those that attended. Those that did not attend will no doubt not be invited to the wedding ceremony later this week. A gift from the groom to be, Marik, was given to lady Caelia during the bathing time. A bard, consigned from the Citadel, sung a brawdy song written by none other than Marik himself for his Lady. The song is as follows:

Eager Scorpi venturing forth, striking out with his prick
Never able to prod too deep, so tiny is the nick.

Poking holes with his small stinger, matters not whose or which
He seeks submission most of all, so he mated a bitch.

Paw in claw he walks her about, claiming he likes her best
All the while he does not mention the others in his nest.

Scorpion, lustful dam scorpi, scuttle back to your den.
Trying to sway fair women by shaking your tail at men.

Forward he wanders from his home of dry dust and hot sand
Afraid to go back with his dam and earn a reprimand

Raiding other lands with conquests and bodies in his wake
Does his wolf know of the many maiden heads he does take?

He plants the seeds of victories widely across the land
He does not stay so left are they, raised by the farmer's hand.

Scorpion, lustful dam scorpi, scuttle back to your den.
Trying to sway fair women by shaking your tail at men.

Northward he marches leaving everything behind to burn
With itch and small prick he hopes ruins will make his bitch yearn.

He acts tough because it is known that he has lost his balls
His wolf has claimed them for her own, now they adorn her walls

Go home, dam scorpion, go home, your little prick and all
Go in peace to give us some peace from your constant catcall

Servants report that the Huntress Lucy was none too pleased with the song and while it was received with joy from the ladies of Tiberia, the reception was cool at best from others. Caelia was, of course, delighted. (5/3/21)

* * *

A new warrior had arrived from Tiberia. His name Bart Hermann Cornelius. He had been seconded to the Tiberian Embassy as a professional bodyguard for the women working in the Embassy.. Some of them had gotten in trouble before, in bar fights and such. A few had been seriously threatened with death. The normal military detachment was not equipped to deal with this situation. The Military Commander of the detachment had sent for a military specialist. It was rumored, that the new arrival was harsh in the way he conducted his business.

* * *

It was also rumored that the man had ridden from Tiberia to Arcovia in record time. Three full days and nights in the saddle, not resting for eating or drinking or sleeping, All the time changing horses at the postal relay stations every 50 miles. He had ridden hard, at a neck-breaking speed.

* * *

The news was, that Bart Hermann Cornelius had come with the highest recommendations. His Military Record showed, he was an expert in 'close protection detail' He was trained in all kinds of weaponry and in hand-to-hand combat. When he arrived, he started his job as professional bodyguard right away. He escorted Domina Isa de Chaeronea and Domina Caelia of House Trirarius of Tiberia. He took his work very seriously, telling the ladies, what was necessary for their own survival in the plagued streets of Arcovia, the Citadel City.

* * *

It was also rumored, that the man taken a part time job as Gatekeeper with the Bobbing Maiden Brothel. He was responsible for removing rowdy patrons and to keep the peace at the venue.

* * *

Word spreads about through unsavory channels, seeking the ears of any with coin to spend, that a certain Tiberian Lanista of ill repute is seeking to sell what he calls "one of his greatest finds, the She-Bull of Tiberia." Word of gladiatorial games has clearly inspired this effort.

Though rumor has it that there is proof of several victories in some of the smaller arena circuits, the Lanista seems in a hurry to make a sale on the She-Bull; a potential opportunity for the savvy negotiator. (4/30/21)

April 2021

Octwick, Shewan 1121 (4/25-4/29/21)

Official Notice

Citizens of Arcovia. Let it be known that the Centurion Miles Tycho has been requisitioned to serve on the front lines once more. His recent actions at the Arjat Embassy and subsequent civil disobedience regarding troop movement was not sanctioned by the Tiberian Embassy. Let his orders to the front line reflect that Tiberia will hold not one person that does not fight for the good of Tiberia and its people. (4/25/21)

Septwick, Shewan 1121 (4/20-4/24/21)

The Suttenborg Mead Hall has been purchased/rented/taken management of!

Rumors circulating throughout Arcovia say that a tall, well armored (and armed) Alfarian woman arrived in Suttenborg earlier this week where she was directed to the mead hall and instantly made the agreement.

Since then, she has been spotted about the city haggling with merchants and making purchases which seem to be whisked back to the Mead Hall as soon as coin exchanges hands. The same woman was then seen entering the Halberg embassy with one Gunter von Wolfflin where they seemed to visit for some time. The next day she was spotted entering the Arjat embassy with none other than the Vizier himself, his wife and the Commander. (4/24/21)

* * *

A two horse wagon adorned in simple yet elegant green and gold livery moves through the city. It is escorted by a small contingency of Albion guards, who seem to be in easy and pleasant spirits. The cargo is plain to see; a boar and two doe, freshly killed, two barrels of Albion ale (hardly as robust as other brews, but drinkable) and a single half-barrel of Fremmish whiskey.

The wagon makes its way to the Suttenborg district, where the delivery is cleared through the Jarnfell embassy, with most of it marked for distribution to the connecting tavern where an unexpected number of guests are reportedly being housed. (4/23/21)

* * *

Rumors circulate that a circle of guards in the colors of Jarnfell and the House Wolfram were seen in escort of the Diplomat and the Warlord. The pair headed into the Arcovian citadel courts, lingered inside for some time then headed back out. Whispers of treason and murder circulate as loose lipped scribes discuss what bits they had seen of the missive that had been handed over as the courts took the case. (4/22/21)

News from within the Arcovia Guild is that an investigator has been assigned to the case.

* * *

Amidst the chaos that constantly seems to breakout in Al'shadar, Amahle feels that it's her duty to open her doors to whomever may need refuge by the mysterious fire. Although how mysterious the incident was, had her thinking that it was obviously intentional. She had to speak to a few people to figure what was really going on. Constantly cleaning messes and making amends seemed to be a never ending job description. She figured she should've stayed home and accepted that damn marriage proposal before deciding to come to the Capitol.(4/22/21)

* * *

The cool crisp evening of Arcovia was typically a peaceful one, however the Arjat Embassy seemed to be on fire. Citizens and various embassy delegates, servants and slaves bared witness to a fire beginning its way outside and making its way inside. The fire has seemed to have been a person or two, as furniture had blocked the doors allowing the fire to grow wild within. Surprisingly no one was hurt, various delegates spoke of hearing a fire had broken out within the embassy. The only tragedy was the damage the flames made within and outside the embassy. Various citizens also report of two individuals outside the embassy when the fire broke, A Zuberi man dressed in blue garb holding a large sword and a warrior dressed in ebony wielding a Halberd. The two were lost in the crowd as the flames began to die down. (4/21/21)

* * *

In the early morning, while the sun still crested the horizon, a paid crier announced the upcoming marriage banns for the Domina Caelia Triarius of House Triarius Tiberia and Captain Marik Sunder von Ehernfest of Halberg. A private party for all ladies of the Citadel will be scheduled to celebrate the upcoming nuptials as well as a lavish wedding to soon follow. Domina Caelia and Captain Marik urge all citizens of Arcovia to put away their strife and discord to celebrate together during this joyous time. (4/21/21)

* * *

A surgeon was seen being brought by a Jarnfell guard. The guards speak of bloodshed in the Jarnfell embassy. The guards and servants at the embassy whispering that any items directed Finnr Wolfram should now be directed to Endre Isenberg. (4/20/21)

* * *

For the second time this day, the philosopher's daughter has sacrificed a silver dress pin successfully and fled through the streets afterwards, unscathed. A nicely dressed Druid has cursed her, but since Fortuna favored her throwing hand, that goddess must have approved her actions in helping to free a fragile hostage from terrible suffering. (4/20/21)

* * *

Word spreads from the Arjat embassy through Al’Shadar, whispers passing between interested parties. Qadira Al Hadid, the well known spear-wielding Zuberi guard, has been recalled to join in the military campaigns in and around the Genobi desert. Given the current state of war in the region, it is unsurprising that a soldier with her experience would be better able to serve Arjat on the front lines than in the streets of Arcovia. Even as word spreads, however, it seems no one pressed for details can recall having seen her leaving.

In unrelated news, a small entourage of well dressed Fremfolk arrived at the city. Though few in number, the fine craftsmanship of their clothes and armor suggests nobility. Among them was a strikingly tall woman with a long red braid. The entourage made its way directly to the Albion embassy. By the evening, word spreads that Laird Grainne O’Connolly has arrived to assume the role of Head Agent to the Diplomat. Small-folk and foundlings speak with certainty that a welcoming feast will follow before long and dream of roast potatoes and fire whiskey. (4/20/21)

* * *

Bloodshed in the streets of Al'Shadar as the philosopher's daughter stumbles upon a brawl and feels duty bound to not back away.

The philosopher's daughter flees from Al'Shadar, unable to reach her embassy. She is unharmed, after rushing between two armed men, heedless of the other woman standing by with her bow. She was helpless to prevent grave injury to one, and responsible herself for inflicting painful injury on the other in the confusion. Useful servants are no longer enough. She needs a bodyguard. (4/20/24)

Quinwick, Shewan 1121 (4/10/21-4/14/21)

The talk of the Al'Shadar district appeared focused on one thing. The battle royal that took place within the Arjat embassy. Depending on who one spoke with there was a Tiberian being whisked away in the arms of another with a spear through his chest another said it was an arrow. Some said they saw two Bantu covered in blood rushing back to their own part of the district. A know it all who loved the attention ran up to anyone who listened to say the ties between Arjat and Behka were weak and that the Bantu let the insurgents go. A bickering fight broke out among the tales that Arjat and Bheka would always be aligned while others insisted they were not. (4/14/21)

* * *

A crying naked woman holding a mantle against her chest was seen leaving the Arjat embassy while the Arjat Commander calls out to her. She stops and speaks out loud enough in despair and anger so people around would certainly listen to her words clearly saying the rumors about Neveah hitting and controling Khalil, the Vizier, are all true as she also witnessed those. Furthermore she shouted on how coward and a betrayer Neveah was for trying to flee and leave Khalil behind when the Arjat embassy was attacked the day before, and also how Neveah never cared about her pregnancy and now was falsely pretending she did. "He (Khalil) is a puppet in her (Neveah's) hand." started being repeated among the people in the streets who started spreading the girl's words about how the alliance between Arjat and Jarnfell was behind doors.(4/14/21)

* * *

Talk of civil war in Jarnfell is spoken openly by street merchants in Suttonborg who witnessed the argument between the Isenberg girl and the Vizier of Arjat.

“Did you see Lady Frithuswith?” A fishmonger says to a fruit seller.
“Standing, arms stretched, barring that vizier of arjat and his wife from going to the Jarnfell embassy?” “Never liked that alliance,” Said a blacksmith.
“Nah, seemed weird… If the Wolframs wanted to be part of Arjat so bad, why ain’t they moved there?”
“And for the Vizier to be trying t’take up rooms in the Jarnfell embassy? Why for? Ain’t ‘e got enough rooms of his own?”
“Still, that Isenberg girl got some fire. Think this will mean civil war in Jarnfell?” Asked the fishmonger.
“No tellin’ Sure aint right, the south trying to push in like that.” Said the fruit seller.(4/14/21)

* * *

Nell Whiteleaf would take a long sigh as she sat down with a quill and began to scribble along a parchment. "To the Diplomat of Albion. It's with a heavy heart I write to you to resign as your head agent. I'm unsure I can do the Frems work here anymore. It has been an honor and a privelage to represent you. Perhaps there's someone more fitting. I think it's time I return to being a lowly seamstress where I belong. With all the honor and gratitude - Nell Whiteleaf, former head agent to the diplomat of Albion." She ended the letter and looked to the workers of the the embassy. "Enjoy." she said as she headed out of the embassy and moved into the cool night air for a walk in the darkness. Of course Servants talk, so word would be spread quickly that the head agent had indeed stepped down.(4/14/21)

* * *

An argument in the streets of Suttonborg between members of the Jarnfell delegation led to a showdown in the Arjat Embassy between agents of Jarnfell, Arjat, Tiberia, and Telrae'dor. As arguments reached a fever pitch, blood was shed and the fighting raged until agents of Bekah arrived on the scene, and the belligerents withdrew. Several agents have been grievously wounded.(4/13/21)

* * *

As night settles fully in the district of Al'Shadar, guards move around the Arjat embassy. The doors are barred and locked. Guards posted outside refuse anyone not permitted entry by the residents of the embassy itself. If asked, the Guards reveal such measures will remain in place through the next day and night, to be potentially lifted the following morning.(4/13/21)

* * *


Twelve pages are sent forth from the Rusavik Hall, one intended for each hall, embassy, flop house, opium den, or any other appropriate term used to describe the resident homes of city state delegates. The twelfth copy, meant for the guildsmen of Arcovia of course. The scroll delivered is the same, copied meticulously eleven times and the quality only grows worse, through successive copies.

Likely from hand cramping.(4/13/21)

* * *

Rumor begins to fly around the Arjat embassy and beyond about the fact that Neveah rules over Arjat's Vizier. While he may smile in public and act like the head of his house, rumors spread about daily couple fights where the Vizier has been hit by his wife and on occasion kicked in the balls. Who's to say that he is even capable of producing the offspring she now carries if this is how he is abused.(4/13/21)

* * *

News spreads around Arcovia that the new coinmaster and the spymaster of Jarnfell, like so many in the north, detest the current state of Jarnfell’s politics. Neveah was seen running out of the Jarnfell hall with Khalil and his honor guard protecting her flanks as she ran back to the Arjat embassy instead of facing the ire of her own fellow agents. (4/13/21)

Quadwick, Shewan 1121 (4/5/21-4/9/21)

The voice of a young man handing out fliers throughout the city can be heard!

"Behold! Behold! Excellency Haven Harrow, the Head Agent to the Diplomat of Tensyia has opened a new trading house within the Chayuan district! If you seek treasures, art, and trade goods from across the known world, visit the Harrowhouse Emporium, through the arch to the right of the district's entry!

Any seeking business with the Tensyian Embassy may come visit as well to discuss politics and business of the state!" (4/9/21)

A ribald group gathered in the Tiberian Embassy tonight. Northerners as well as an assortment of Tiberians were seen inside until the wee hours. The servants tittered amongst themselves as the songs filtered past the heavy wooden doors. A nobleman, new to the Citadel was rumored to have said, regarding the Arjat head diplomat... “Not just spoken; sung. I’ve come across a few taverns with minstrels singing the tale of scorpion picking fights to make his tiny stinger more impressive to the pussycat. Or was it the bitch?” He would say as an aside, trying to recall the specifics of the songs before adding. “There might be more than one version of the song.” The ditty was sung in a deep tenor with a Halstein accent "“Scorpion, oh scorpion, return to your nest Stop running around as though you are the best.
Always so eager to strike out with your prick
Never able to go deeply, so tiny is your-“ (4/9/21)

March 2021

Triwick, Shewan 1121 (3/31/21-4/4/21)

Grafitti Removed

Arjat embassy slaves are ordered to remove the missive and surrounding graffiti around the Arjat embassy. Considering its not desert weather the slaves had little to complain about. Especially not in front of the Arjat embassy guard watching over them. (4/4/21)

A column of legionaries

During the night, a gleaming armored column of legionaries marched through the streets of Al-Shadar, led by a centurion wearing a lion's pelt. Winding their way to the embassy door, the centurion and the assembled garrison presented salutes to the embassy guard, and, approaching the door, produced a mallet and a large scroll. With heavy cracks of the mallet and thick carpentry spikes, the centurion posted the following notice to the door of the Arjat embassy, the letters written over a blood red blazon of the Mithraic bull:

CONSIDERING Warmongering acts of aggression
both within the walls of Arcovia and beyond in Essealas by Arjat.
RECOGNIZING The importance of peace and the free commerce of goods throughout the Argon Hills, and other matters of humanitarian concern to the Tiberian Public.
CONDEMNING Arjat's failure to appropriately consult, advise, or inform His Majesty’s proconsul in Arcovia of any intent to pursue warlike action along Tiberia's northeastern frontier,
And indeed,
CONDEMNING The cowardly slander of his majesty’s legions with Arjat’s lies during the illegal expulsion of Sythian residents of the Al-Shadar District of Arcovia...
The immediate cessation of hostilities within the Argon Hills
The return of Arjat forces to within three hexacres of Arjat
By Quadwick of Shewan
Any peace with Arjat is Void.
The Legions will march into the Genobi Desert until Arjat lies conquered, or Vizier Khalil Zaheem is surrendered into Tiberian custody.

Having delivered the message, pinned up with the same sort of nails used throughout the kingdom for crucifixions, the Tiberian half-century turned about and returned to their garrison. (4/4/21)

A Wedding Gift

From the honorable House of Triarius and the noble citizens of Tiberia. We wish the happy couple fruitful years and the blessing of many children.

~A large case bearing the following items arrives at the Arjat Embassy~
17 Earthen ware jars filled with clover honey from the hills of Tiberia
20 Casks of olive oil
200 lbs of oranges from Tiberian orchards
100 lbs of salted fish
A stunning Sapphire necklace, rumored to be have purchased by Marcellus Augustus Rex of house Trajan for one of his mistresses.

Arcovia Guid Announcements

New law the first, we will be addressing the disgusting, odious display of horse corpses being left as some sort of primitive, savage messages to your rivals. THAT IS DISGUSTING, we will not tolerate it, horses are for riding or pulling wagons so now not only will a monthly tax be instituted if you wish to BRING animals into this city a single gold coin for every single beast now if you are caught murdering any beast behind city walls over the size of a pig you will be fined heavily, the numbers will be sent out later but be aware these fines will be significant, and costly to your personage SO STOP DOING IT. You filthy savages.

Rule number the second I would like to remind everyone present that while the guild is a neutral organization the city of Arcovia is not, the city of Arcovia will act in its best interests separate from the guilds neutral role in managing and providing communique for all. That means that this building and any buildings owned directly by the guild will only be protected by guild troops. While we appreciate a select few allies for monitoring this district and it is sorely needed, we still want to remind you that having any soldier come within 50 feet of the guild hall and aviary is punishable by incarceration. If violence occurs by a soldier from ANY city state it could be death! We catch you doing violence here and there will be TROUBLE.

Rule number the third. Sex acts within the city bounds are limited to three or fewer participants. Any more than three participants is an immoral and perverse act that spits in the face of our city-state’s exemplary morality standards. The Guild defines a participant in a sex act as an individual engaged in sexual contact between two or more persons by way of penetration. The penetrating item being a sexual organ, other body part, or artificial sexual organ or substitution thereof that is inserted into the orifice or orifices of another individual. Anyone found to be in violation of this statute will be subject to public ridicule by way of time spent in the stocks. The length of the punishment is dependent, as always, on the severity of the incident and whether or not the participants are repeat offenders-and is therefore subject to Guild discretion. Further public shaming will come by way of a city-state wide announcement detailing the nature of the indiscretion.

On this our fourth and final law of the day I wish to remind each and every city state that you are allowed no more then fifty soldiers in your prospective embassy and to police the crimes of their city states. If we find there to be any significant movement of soldiers outside those embassy's and they number anymore then the fifty guard promised you and yours know the consequences will be swift and brutal. We will execute all of them in front of your very base of operations, we wield armies in this place and you WILL answer accordingly, keep your petty little conflicts out of the embassy's and let us not sniff more then what you are granted that is all.

The limit on 50 guards per embassy does not replace or supersede the ooc rule on all guards needing to be role-played as part of an actual players hit points:

In Response to the Announcements

Rumors ripple through the city like wildfire as an uproar surrounds the Arcovian proscription on animal slaughter and imports of livestock into the city. Quietly some in certain quarters of society wonder if this is another instance of Arcovian liberalism run amok. Ironically, the prohibition has appeared to united a multicultural crowd made up of the diplomatic corps protesting the unilateral anti-bacon embargo. (3/31/21)

The Chayuan District becomes abuzz with chatter of Eastern Triumverate delegates convening again in the Embassy Square, a few Sythian delegates, a couple Jurchen, and a lone Fenrii were seen entering the Sythian Chamber. The recently dormant Eastern power seems to be stirring from it's partial slumber. (3/31/21)

Duwick, Shewan 1121 (3/26-30/21)

A Handfasting

The markets in Arjat would quickly grow abuzz with vendors, beggars and vagrants laughing at the anger of one horse dealer, turned away for yet another time from the doors of the Arjat Embassy, the nomad-looking woman as red in the face as her companions when they concluded their chat with a guard of the embassy. The woman was seen then to leave in a flurry of colourful skirts and a jingle of bangles, fuming quietly. Unlike her, the male companions were quite vocal in expressing their upset, ale untying their tongues to tell anyone in the tavern later of invitations not kept. (3/30/21)

Happy whispers move through the streets of Suttenborg it appears the vizier of Arjat actually capitulated and engaged in a quiet hand fasting ceremony with a Thaness of Jarnfell tying the two nations by blood. Rumors are he intends to throw a lavish style Arjat party, but he still engaged in a Jarnfell ceremony first! Even on such a happy eve, rumors spread of the young War Maiden letting angry battle cries leave her lungs, where it is rumored that several Dyrlings and Albion representatives were seen leaving the Arjat embassy. (3/29/21)

OOC to Head Agents

I am reaching out to all current Head Agents:

First, I have a dedicated tag set up for Discord Notices to you. If you go to #request-tag you can tick on the Crown Reaction and gain access to the #ic-leads channel.

Second, I am waiting on a report from Bane of the Current Head Agents, their SL Account names and time on sim so I can reach out to them personally. However, you guys ALREADY have this information on your Faction Faction.

I encourage you to reach out to any newly promoted or perhaps inactive Head Agents so as to encourage them to come play -- offer some advice how to get involved, and make sure they have seen the promotion page for other good advice:

Finally, Any Faction that has open positions, please feel as if you can recruit for those postions in the #rp-group-ads channel AS WELL as sending notices in the SL group which is turned on for everyone.

We have provided these and other tools for players to promote and manage the factions and I encourage you to use them.

Things reach a pinnacle between Arjat and Telrae'dor

An injured fenrii is seen leaving the Arjat embassy. Whispers on the streets have it that they heard someone uttering curses of infertility on the men of the zaheem house, but who believes in curses anyway? (3/29/21)

An incredibly pissed off Frem was seen leaving the Arjat embassy in a huff. Her fists clenched at her side and embarrasment shown on her face.(3/29/21)

Female citizens in the Aviary have been advised to be cautionary when approached by strange men boasting about breeding horses as they might be poisoned and abducted only to find themselves in the kennels of the Arjati diplomat. Furthermore, it is advised that all citizens stay away from the bath house in Al Shadar as well, less they be harassed by this man. It's been overheard he calls his wives dogs and over exaggerates victories to appear in control. Warlord agents reassure their citizens that all rumors coming from Al'Shadar are to be ingored, as they are nothing more than propaganda and are horribly misinformed.(3/29/21)

The citizens of Arjat who live in Al' Shadar erupts in jubilant celebration three separate armies of Talrae'dor have been defeated in the gate of Genobi (Colloquially known as the bloodied wheat, or bloodied fields fort).

The knowledge of these victories almost spread too quickly like agents of Arjat is spreading the news to stoke pro war sentiment perhaps? Or maybe just anti Talrae'dor disdain. A few well known agents might be spotted. Also it is spread among the districts that if Talrae'dor wants peace it will only begin when the head of one Percival Crowley is removed from his shoulders and presented to the vizier. Any patriots of Talrae'dor should themselves cut him to pieces and present his body. Perhaps the soldiers captured at these battles might survive rather than be put on display... All of this is pushed at horrific speed among the citizens and birds are sent out to Arjat to make them aware of what has occurred. (3/29/21)

A widow come to the Rusavik hall in order to seek the death benefits for her departed husband (who didn't pass from the Whore's Pox but from a different sort of pox, she would swear upon an oath stone) overheard a conversation as the druzhina changed shifts. Quick to spread the word (since her appeal was denied, some claim) that General Horbach's agent in The Citadel has issued an order to the men charged with the delegation's safety. Any envoy from Jarnfell seeking entry to the Rusavik hall must surrender their arms and armor to be (3/29/21)

Rumor has it that a Zuberi delegation from Al'Shadar paid a visit to the Telrae'dor Embassy, led by the Vizier's youngest sister, the 'little peacock' known as Sabah. Whatever may have transpired inside, the Zuberi diplomat emerged perhaps an hour later accompanied by the Arjat First Spear, Qadira. Neither looked any worse for wear, though neither looked particularly pleased. The two had what appeared to be an intense discussion just outside the embassy before returning to Al'Shadar soon after. (3/27/21)

Rumor has it that by some coincidence the Special of the Day in more than one Suttenborg eating establishment were variations on horse shank stew today. Most northerners seemed to enjoy the hearty fare, and many second portions were served. But, for some reason that seemed to befuddle the locals, this caused offense to a few foreign guests. A large woman in a bloodied apron and weilding a kitchen cleaver was seen chasing a couple such visitors out to the street shouting "Fresh, I tell you! Fresh!" while inside, others quietly appropriated their portions. (3/27/21)

Grain shortages in Tiberia lead to calls for snap elections. The resulting political shakedown sees several promotions and transfers throughout the kingdom as aediles, quaestors, and nearly every civil servant plays a game of musical chairs along the cursus honorum. (3/27/21)

The head agent of the warlord of Telrae'dor was seen entering the northern district with several soldiers in tow. After investigating the horse remains in the area the remains were loaded onto a cart and the stones were scrubed clean. The head agent himself would then make a public statement to the citizens that watched. "Telrae'dor does not condone the desicration of remains whether human or otherwise. An investigation into the individual or individuals involved in the mutilation and cruel disturbance of the animal's remains has begun. When the culprit is found they will face the consequences of their actions." With that the men would leave the district with the promise of a great reward to anyone that provides information that leads in the capture of the ones responsible. The warlord seems livid as he leaves the district. (3/27/21)

Priwick, Shewan 1121 (3/22-25/21)

Rumors likely spread throughout Suttenborg and adjoining districts within Arcovia of Valgard's disapproval of any horses being harmed considering their cultural significance to the Alfarians and Riddari knights in particular. Tytos of Valgard even goes so far as to order the serfs and slaves of the hall to spread official word that the actions are not condoned - the honorable battles ongoing within the Argon Hills something that should not be tarnished by a dishonorable display of horse corpses littering the streets and juvenile exchange of notes.

A small group of hooded men are seen carting something through Suttenborg in the early morning. Upon the cart was a bloodied sheet covering something bulky. The group stop just at the bottoms of the steps that lead to the various northern embassies and heave the bloodied and wrapped mass up them and unceremoniously drop it to the ground and uncover it. It was a horse's ass. One of the group kneels down began to write out a message in the splatter of blood that leaked from the carcass. It read "HER THIGHS CAN'T SAVE YOU". As the man stood up, the other tossed a small pile of those rumor-filled fliers that had been posted around the citadel around the scene and then they all depart, heading towards the crossroads.

Rumor spreads quickly across the city that the offending notices have finally provoked a response of some sort, though from where exactly it has come is not known. The scene, left outside of the Telrae'dor council chambers, was described thusly: Your Lies Can't Save You

The plethora of notices posted throughout the Al'Shadar district accusing the Vizier of an affair with the Valgard King's niece, leading to an alliance against Telrae'dor, finally come to the attention of the Arjat Honor Guard.

Guardsmen are ordered to take down any they find and apprehend anyone caught with such a notice on their person. Notices they can get their hands on are set ablaze. The Guardsmen cannot, of course, be everywhere at once; determined souls might well find ways to sneak up new ones in between patrols, but do so at their own peril.

At it again! Some may have see a dark Sythian woman and her darker slave toting off with a potted plant from somewhere in the Aviary district-- ((plant was owned by: ᴘᴏᴘᴇ ᴘᴏssᴜᴍ ᴛʜᴇ xɪɪɪ (aphrissura) )) Those in the Suttenborg district may have also seen this plant carrying (thieving!) duo making direct lines to a certain shop...


A Dubh Gentry man in a steel curiass and green fluffed sleeves has been seen throughout the citadel posting up this message:

Criers from Jarnfell run through the districts....
Let it be known, today's celebrations will be more joyous and blessed. Welcomed to join in the celebration in Arjat for all the northern states, on this most joys of days, jarnfell announces that there will be an alliance of states. The Thaness Nevaeh Wolfram, daughter to the Warlord Kol Wolfram will be joining in union with the Vizier Khalil Zaheem, most esteem of Arjat. May their union bring accord, peace and joy between the peoples of the north and those of our southern brothers.

After notification, in a show of unity to the Aviary district: Halberg men-at-arms would begin patrolling the streets of their district alongside Frem and Dyrling men. Administering another barrier of protection for the good citizens of it's streets. They take up roles in the night, well-rested and ready to face the darkness and any terrors from Al'Shadar or elsewhere that might slither in the gloom. Assuredly, the Aviary is now a staunch bulwark of Arcovia's continued protection: now that the boar is added to it's already considerable defense.

Upon being notified, soon a few extra red-headed guards were instructed to take extra patrol throughout the aviary, checking in and out of shops. Probably grumbling about how they could be at least near the embassy with the whiskey but keeping ever vigilant and watchful through the streets and making sure to stagger along the Dyrling guards to watch where they couldn't.

In response to recent outbreaks of hostilities in Al'Shadar, Telrae'dor has increased it's military presence within the Aviary district. More guards patrol the streets, observing and keeping the peace, and should any witness known citizens of Al'shadar pass through it would be noted that the guards are quick to send word back to their captains. It's rumored that Telrae'dor is encouraging other city-states residing in the aviary to do the same to keep the peace in Arcovia.

Novawick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/16-20/21)

Arcovia Annoucements

Beards longer than three inches below the base of the chin have been deemed no longer suitable for the citizens of The Arcovian Citadel. Such facial hair is unsanitary and has become a method by which unsavory individuals identify one another. From this day forward, any individual with facial hair exceeding three inches below the base of the chin will be barred from entry into any Guild run buildings until the hair has been properly shorn. If an individual’s facial hair is deemed to be too unruly or unkempt, the individual in question may be expected to pay a fee each week until they attend to the matter sufficiently.

Henceforth, bodies of the deceased that are discovered within Arcovian city limits will be held in a Guild facility for a period of five days. If the body is unclaimed after this length of time, the body becomes the property of the Guild and shall be disposed of in whatever manner it deems proper. This sentiment holds true regardless of burial practices of the deceased’s city-state of origin. The Guild is also not responsible for discovering the identity of the body, or seeking out and notifying next of kin. If an individual is missing, notifying a Guild member and scheduling a supervised visit to the holding facilities should be a top priority of concerned parties. The Guild requires a three day notice to schedule an appointment.

After a thorough review by the Arcovian Guild, claims regarding mislabeled weight of bread have been proven unsubstantiated. Multiple samples were provided from each day’s production to the members of the Guild for the period of a month. Each loaf was then tested rigorously for adherence to standards, and each loaf fell within the acceptable margins of weight. Any further claims of impropriety regarding Pain Quotidien in The Aviary district should be disregarded as slander.

Duels remain, as always, a self regulatory means of dispute resolution that are fully approved by the Guild. With the new influx in Arcovian citizens and foreign dignitaries alike, clarification regarding the Guild’s involvement in any such disputes is required. Firstly, if two parties enter into terms (either verbal or written) to partake in a duel, and a member of said party does not arrive at the agreed upon time or location, that member is in breach of contract and subject to Guild punishment. If all parties involved decide against carrying through with the deed before the agreed upon date, they must do so through a formal documentation that can be verified by a third party if needed. The Guild encourages dutiful documentation, or the presence of witnesses when agreeing to take part in a duel, and the terms of the duel itself. This makes for greater ease in determining fault, should any breach arise. Any outcome of a duel that does not violate the party’s agreed upon terms, or any Guild edicts, is acceptable within the city’s bounds.

Finally, we want to remind all of the people that we will be on high alert during this weeks Spring Fertility Festival for inappropriate celebrations! Last year no less then four score of people were detained, chargeed and fined for breaking the modestly laws! I expect you all to do -better- this year!

Tiberian Legionaries

This morning, a group of Tiberian legionaries in gleaming lorica led by a centurion arrived to call upon the Tenysian embassy. Joined by a Tenysian group of dignitaries, the squadron proceeded back through Al-Shadar where they took up positions around the bathhouse. Casual bathers are turned away at the entrance as the attendants apologize for the private event in progress.

To Sythian Citizens

The council of sythian dignitaries residing in Arcovia has posted an announcement, for the residents of Tenysia and for those stationed in the Citadel working for Tenysia "Sythian citizen are advised to stay out of the Al'Shadar district to avoid unnessisary hostility as the area is currently unsafe. The Tenysia Head Agents are attempting to resolve the issue at hand. If you enter the Al'Shadar district without the invitation you do so without the protection of the Tenysia embassy."

More then they bargined for

Upon recent events that have occurred in the district of Al'Shadar, Bheka being disturbed about false rumors of their diplomat have gone to the same lengths as Arjat and Tiberia. The agreement that was underway with Tenysia has been broken and annulled by Bheka and there might not be a chance to recover. As Amahle knew that something like this would happen, she would go to extreme lengths to not bother with Tenysia or any Sythian for that matter. Yet, she has a faltering standing with Arjat since they were part of that deal and should've kept Tenysia in check. Someone would get more than what they bargained for from Bheka.

A disturbed slumber

Domina Caelia, head agent to the diplomat and the eyes and ears of the Rex woke after a fitful night. Dreams or premonitions assaulted her slumber, leaving her to toss and turn through the night. As the day broke, she was once again assaulted by the pitter patter of tiny feet, muffled talking and the ever unwelcome knock on her chamber doors. "Enter" she called out, already rising from her bed as the messenger entered along with a half a dozen grubby unkempt children. "Domina..I could not" her messenger began, but quickly fell silent as Caelia raised her hand to mute him. Handing her a missive, she read the news about Miles, her advisor, on a mission for HER, and his arrest. Her ire continued to raise until it was like a molten hot core inside of her belly as she continued to hear about what had transpired during the evening hours in her district. The children, her "rats" gave further accounts until Caelia felt her head might explode "Enough!" she bellowed out, snapping her fingers at her handmaids, her servants and anyone that ventured near her chambers "Feed the children and give them coins" she barked "And find my rapier. I will speak with every head agent involved this day and may they pray to their gods that my temper has diffused by then" Caelia continued to shout and give orders, the normally placid diplomat earning every bit of the Tiberian namesake of a raging bull with horns.

A change in the political tempo!

About two hours or so after the Sythian noblewoman is driven from her improvised stage, it becomes clear that quite a few in the district were, in fact, listening. New orders have passed through the Arjat Honor Guard. Those caught spreading word of these rumors are arrested, or worse. One not even necessarily need be Tenysian to draw their ire; simply being pale enough to pass for one or thought to look too similar is justification enough to be targeted as well.

Still, the Honor Guard are very few compared to the population of the district, their ability to patrol limited even more by the increased security at the Arjat embassy. For every one person apprehended, there are undoubtedly dozens more able to go unnoticed. This indiscriminate and violent reaction to the declaration from the Sythian no doubt adds fuel to the fires of unrest.

An announcement by one of Tenysia

Along the streets of Al'Shaddar, people can see the figure of a bloodied and injured Sythian noblewoman and her slave, accompanied by a Tiberian in sythian/euresu armor, and a Bantu, walking along as mobs swarm them. A panther is seen growling towards the mobs, in an effort to keep them away, but violence and havoc are at a peak in the district. Suddenly, the noblewoman and her slave run up the stairs to a platform, seemingly to regard this angry mob. Whether any of it is heard or not, is up to who wishes to hear it. The slave is reading from a parchment in common, the noblewoman hiding behind him:

"Residents of Al'Shaddar, the claims they speak of the Tenysian people are false, a ploy made to bring us war when all we ever wanted was peace..! We gathered, with Bheka and Arjat, to discuss an alliance only two days prior, and I, Lady Pimjai, have offered my sister as a bride to Vizier Zaheem! But a former Warmaster in our council, Goro bindu Al Zuma, was found giving treatment, as he called it, to none other than the red headed concubine of the Vizier, who wished to have intercourse with him! She was taken back to Al'Shaddar, by Lady Pimjai herself! This, in no part, was done by the Tenysian Embassy, but by a RAPIST, exiled from Tenysia and her extensions! Not affiliated with the dignitary council! This same man, has claimed to give treatment, as he calls it, to AMAHLE KHANYISILE, the Diplomat of Bheka, and Vizier Zaheem's lover! If there has been poisoning, it must have been done by our former, treacherous Warmaster! But Tiberia, we ask you! Lady Pimjai asks you..! If we poisoned a Domina, why is it! That you sent your own soldier! To ask us for help! In determining the poison in your fruits basket!"

Before they can say anything else, oranges, vases, bottles and just about anything else is thrown in their direction, the noble woman screaming and running back down with her slave to seek refuge.

Arjat Embassy Guards

Guards around the Arjat embassy increase significantly not long after the soldiers march into the streets of Al'Shaddar. The increase lasts through the evening and into the next morning. Those who come to visit are ushered inside in a hurry so the doors may be closed behind them. The reason for this is is easily explained by significant unrest and increased violence in the streets of the city district.

Plant Theft

Unexpectedly and swiftly, a certain Sythian and her dark slave may have been seen entering and leaving the Al'Shaddar district to steal a pink flowered plant... Those in the Suttenborg district may have likewise seen the flower-pot carrying slave and her Kamakii (Mistress) making way to the shop across from the bath-house, where said plant (and a 2nd!) may be seen to reside...

Poison and Assault in Al'Shadar

Tenysian citizens living in Al'Shaddar, along with Sythian visitors to the district have been assaulted en mass. Men dressed in armor of golden sand and black obsidian clearly belonging to Arjat and the prominent Red and Black of the Centurions of Tiberia seem to be working in Consort to drive them out. When questioned an answer is actually given. “Sythians have engaged in poisoning and manipulation through drugs of prominent citizens.” Furthermore Sythians carrying any letters or correspondence belonging to a noble who lives within Al'Shaddar gets released. It is well organized and seems to be have been planned.

Slaves, servants and shop-keeps rumor the poisoning of the Domina and the removal of an infamous harem girl of Arjat from the embassy were both linked to the machinations and actions of Sythian manipulators. Further spurring on acts of violence against their people in the Arcovian district.

Octwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/12-15/21)

Alfarian patrols within Suttenborg increase. Tis no rumor, tis clear as day to those that frequent the Northern district.

After a week of silence and business away from home, the caravans of Valgard return from beyond the borderlands of the Citadel, with new goods for the Northerners and for Trade. Led by the Old Wolf, once again the Caravans are bringing exquisite ingredients for bread, and mead, and other resourcers to strengthen their position within. It is clear they are not hiding this.

Rumors of tensions potentially rising between Northern factions of Suttenborg and visiting Dyrlings might spread. Whispers of Telrae'dor's agents allegedly seeking to steal a Northern slave during a sacred moot are perhaps upon the tongues of some in Suttenborg among the small crowd that likely witnessed the events of what may have been a stand-off.

Rumors would spread of a promiscuous pussy bearing their nipples and genitals to the masses within the district of Chayuan. Some offended nobles about sent for guards on a wild chase around the grounds but the brazen harlot escaped into a tea parlor.

A cousin of a brother's uncle's second wife, heard from her best friend's friend- who happens to be from Jarnfell, that one of the guards that visited the sake shop had at least two of the three predictions come true. Two out of three.....want to know your future?

Septwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/10/21)

Whispers Convene

Whispers convene within the streets of the Crossroads and Al'Shadar. Two legionaries accompanied by a well known noble lady were seen casually speaking in the streets before the lady was seen to have coughed up blood and carried away by the centurion. The other warrior sprinting in the opposite direction; seeking help no doubt. Al'Shadar citizens witnessed the centurion carrying the woman into the baths, his backside covered in blood.

Septwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/9/21)

Dark Clad Warriors

Word spreads quickly through the Aviary and the rest of the citadel, that a group of dark clad warriors, numbering a half dozen, went into the Albion Embassy and left with someone hauled over their shoulder with a rucksack over their head. They went off to an undisclosed location.

Khonzhou and Fendahl

Khonzhou Imperial officials would announce that a formal alliance has been agreed upon between Khonzhou and their distant relatives and neighbors of Fendahl. Although time will tell whether the people of the two city-states can really overlook each other's differences, the close partnership can be seen as the first step in unifying the East.

Halberg's Spymaster


Halberg agents in service to the small council are hereby officially notified that on this Sept'wick of Raa'edan your Emissary has rendered a charge of treason and issued a sentence of death for the Regidor to Halberg. Any Halstein wishing to challenge the lady von Röth's justice may do so during an open council meeting on the morrow at the bell's eleventh toll

Septwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/8/21)

Fortune Teller

Word has it, that if you seek to understand your future, one only has to visit the Fenrii dressed in white and her tiny companion in the Sake and Teawares shop in Chayuan. She might be slightly elusive, but if you catch her on the right day, secrets to what lay ahead may be bestowed upon you, as well as a free drink of sake.

Septwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/7/21)

Knights of the Iron Hand

A warning is nailed to the walls of every district. It contains the following message:

We will reclaim our traditions back in blood. We are weary of our just ways being trampled upon by the degradation of societal values. Now is when we will act before it is too late.

We will take back our culture before it becomes too sickened by the impure diseases of wickedness and immorality. We will demand chaste virtue and moral righteousness at the points of our swords.

We are the militant defenders of what is good and holy. We will defend the just and the righteous by killing the morally bankrupt. All that is evil will be made to suffer before death.

Consider yourself warned by the Knights of the Iron Hand. Tread carefully with your morals. You have been notified.

Septwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/6/21)

Announcement of the Ball


Come one, come all to the Arcovia Citadel Raa’Edan, first sign of green jubilee

In celebration for the cold break in the Central lands and the waters fall in the South signaling the coming planting the Citadel will be hosting a ball for natives and guests of Arcovia who wish to mark another blessed turning season with merriment. The festivities are funded by a council of local business’ and patrons, hosted by Eckard Asher von Wahle with the blessing of the Arcovian Guild.

The gathering will be on First Septwick of Raa’Edan at the fourth bell of the evening. All are encouraged to dress in the traditional garb of their home to celebrate what their State provides for the wider community.

Sexwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/5/21)

Rumble in Chayuan

Peace in the East District! The Jurchen rejoice, celebrating a successful showing of their ancient martial arts when Hanza of the Red Sun, Lord of House Sekura defeated the Sythian menace terrorizing their fair maidens. The benevolent act finally puts an end to the rippling effect of the Snake People’s tumultuous arrival. Men, women and children alike; all rekindle their love for theatre and song while re-enacting the ‘epic’ fight, singing praises to the local hero.

Meanwhile, it’s not all flowers and lanterns after a prominent business owner in the area has gone missing. Sources say it was punishment by the gods, others have entertained the idea of gamblers taking revenge for the loss; a wager gone wrong. This comes after repeated reports of illegal activity in the Tea House.

Still, many believe these events are.. an attempt to sully the honor and prestige of the upcoming First Continental Martial Arts tournament hosted by Khonzhou; where combatants from all over the realm are expected to showcase their homeland’s martial strength. A blood sport.. in unarmed combat!

Back Alley of the Aviary

One of the walls in the back alley of the Aviary was found to have been graffitied. Local youths are believed to be responsible for the Golden Rooster image that will be cleaned up once the guild dispatches someone to wash it away.

Sexwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/3/21)

Arcovia Guild Announcements

Henceforth, quivers may contain no more than 5 arrows within the city bounds. The only exceptions to this rule are certain specified training areas, arenas where contests are being held, and within one's own domicile. Any individual found to be in violation of this decree shall be penalized with no less than a week in the stocks and a fine to be determined by the number of arrows that exceeded the enforced limit.

Shirtlessness within the city proper is forbidden, except in designated areas. This rule applies to all citizens regardless of age or gender. The allowed areas of shirtlessness are provided in a list that can be picked up at The Aviary, but include areas such as brothels, bath houses, private domiciles, and certain training facilities. If a guild member witnesses unauthorized shirtlessness, the individual is required to leave their location immediately to obtain a proper garment, after their name is taken down. Both those who refuse to cooperate and those who are repeat offenders will be subject to time in the stocks.

A reminder: All deaths of Ceon birds are considered the purview of The Arcovian Guild, and thus all matters regarded their deaths shall be investigated by The Guild’s agents alone. Any attempt to hinder an investigation or spread unverified suppositions before investigations have concluded will be dealt with harshly. Citizens are encouraged to refrain from any actions that could be construed as causing a hindrance to the spread of verified information.

The band of six pickpockets that were menacing the marketplace in Al’Shadar have been discovered, and punished. All six boys have had two digits from their right hand removed. There is a suspected seventh party that is believed to be the ringleader of this band of thieves. Any information regarding the identity of the youth is required to be provided to a Guild member as soon as possible. Anyone found to be withholding information will be subject to the same degree of punishment as the individual they are protecting.

Caravans from the North

The arrival of several Caravans of the North announce the coming of Ilcarion Wistari and his family to the district of Suttenborg, with the intent of trading the northern goods. More than six or seven full carts of different products from the Northern Lands could be seen entering the region guarded by several rough Valgard men.

The approach of more Northern men and women start to become obvious as Suttenborg becomes lively with new fresh faces eager for a chance in the great Citadel.

New Tenysia

After coming to a lull, irrigation and commerce slowly awaken in the mystic Mvau Marsh communities, there is still a mystery in general as to what happened that had cast what locals now refer to as “The Black Fog” over the month of Al-Sargas where Sythians en masse were sent to Arcovia, stifling governmental functions; causing some delay in the ssswing of things.

In Chayuan, the arrival of the “snake people” has been observed to cause a minor disruption in local businesses who live in relative peace that may have not been accustomed to these new exiles’ eccentricities. Patrons of the Teahouse reportedly heard a prominent merchant of the land proclaiming the eastern district as “New Tenysia”; the tail growss before it is eaten.

The streets of the Al’Shadar district seems to have been more grey in tones than its usual vibrant hue as the owner of the pottery shop has succumbed to death presumably of natural causes. New tenants have moved in as sightings of snakes crawling about the nearby garden, of varying sizes and color, rises. Two dead bodies wrapped in dirty linen has been reportedly seen being dropped off near the Bhekan embassy; body count: 03.

Sexwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/2/21)

Alteration in the Aviary

Passers-by in the aviary district report sightings of an altercation in the noble district. One witness says that after repeated insults, a Dyrling man with pink hair attempting to punch the other in the face whilst a darker-headed man stood by and watched. Another witness says it was an all-out brawl complete with hair pulling which awoke her from her sleep. In other news, the new diplomats have been chosen for Telrae’dor, and there is some speculation as to who was actually chosen. The public eagerly awaits word on who will be in charge of their prosperity.

Sexwick, Raa'Edan 1121 (3/1/21)

Opening day news ...

The city-state of Valgard has no current allies nor enemies. They are awaiting their winter wheat to bring to market. Alfarian armies have been seen on the southern border of Valgard and Telrae’dor as the fortification there is reinforced.

Tenysia remains, as ever, on unsteady footing with its surrounding city-states. Generally reviled but still, a provider of necessary resources, no clear lines of allyship have been drawn. With a treaty regarding shared trade routes with Bheka set to expire in the near future, tensions between the two city-states are at an all-time high.

Rusavik has begun its slow and deliberate expansion, bringing it dangerously close to conflict with Halberg. Relations with Valgard remain cordial, while those with Khonzhou are chilled but silent for now.

Khonzhou is enjoying a period of relative peace with its neighbors, its only current goal being to patrol and secure their part of the Ulikh Steppes, continuing to honor the Khonzhou/Halberg treaty of 1044. The current noble politics of Khonzhou can be divided into two groups: Those who support the warlord and his expansionist views, and those who support the unity and stability of east Essealas, with centralized power in the Emperor. Travelers bring rumors of an upcoming martial arts tournament being held in Arcovia.

Arcovia and the guild have expanded the wealth and grandeur leaps and bounds from years past. Prosperity reigns and new lawful measures have been expedited as a means of producing and maintaining peace in the city streets! Arcovias soldiers have gone out and expanded the hold of the city so as to maintain and keep strong its “neutral” borders. New officials from across the continent to oversee the handling of all communications. We are excited for the change away from the old guard.

The city-state of Tiberia is in active negotiations with both Arjat and Bheka to establish fair trading routes and commitment to not place forces on their borders. The talks are strained due to previous declarations of a 40 year trading ban on Tiberia. For now, they are peaceful discussions, but that may change should anything upset this delicate balance.

Aside from the previous comments about communication, Arjat has been keeping to itself and quietly expanding its borders. There is a sense of resentment or bitterness toward Tiberia and a feeling of friendship toward Bheka.

Bheka has begun establishing a solid friendship with Arjat. Although, there might be some debate about the line splitting the Flood Plains. There is some progress with Tiberia in developing a tradelines through Arjat and a possible connection with Halberg. No clear negotiation with Tenysia yet but things are strained a bit since there’s been bad history for a long time.

The Northern menace that is Jarnfell, continues to focus its raid efforts on Telrae’dor in response to their taxation. With the wolves otherwise tolerating the other neighboring city-states, their interactions with Albion has increased from necessity over want. In the meantime, with their armies on the move, it is rumored that they are looking to expand their reach.

During the month of Al-Sargas a cote of ceon departed from Halberg and arrived within the Arcovian city proper. Within days it was noted that a large number of the more recognizable and tenured members of the Halstein corps of agents have weighted travel wagons and left noble Arcovian residences empty. However recently, the decimated Halberg contingent of agents, has been showing signs of restoration. Unfamiliar, but distinctly Halstein, persons begin to descend upon the city. A drastic ‘changing of the guard’ is apparent though the cause has yet to reveal itself. Meanwhile, an aged and trusted bird arrives with a message from Halberg for the local Tenysian delegation, however before the delivery of its urgent words the bird is felled to a natural demise. It is rumored, in the absence of more detached modes of diplomacy, the first steps in a diplomatic dance between strange bedfellows has begun.

Ever a cautious crew, there have been rumors that the careful city-state of Fendahl has been shoring up resources. Those in power have been notably tight-lipped when questioned, but it seems like the prudent Fenrii may be preparing for something significant. A recent heavy increase in the Fenrii population within the bounds of The Arcovian Citadel seems to substantiate those rumors.

No other news is available from Albion and Telrae'dor.

Rusavik and Khonzhou


News quickly spreads of a formal land agreement between Rusavik and Khonzhou. In a show of mutual cooperation, Khonzhou has ceded land containing a derelict stronghold (shown in red) in its north-western territory over to Rusavik. In exchange, Rusavik formally recognizes Khonzhou's borders and vows to keep its troop movements outside of Jurchen land.

Khonzhou's proponents of war and expansion would likely interpret this gesture to be a move of cowardice, surrendering land to one of their oldest enemies. However, those who favor unity and progress would likely see this as a wise and strategic decision diplomatically, further legitimizing and strengthening Khonzhou's position in the east with recognized borders.

Last Month near Tenysia

Bog of War

A black fog has been seeping from within the Mvau Marsh towards Mirkwood, as if there has been the burning of flesh and surrounding foliage. Though witnesses say this ‘flash fire’ seems to be more contained than that of one that is wildly spreading. It may create an illusion of the swamp being more ‘haunted’ than it is, specially from a higher vantage point like the Ulikh Steppes. Rumors of a plague and the Omen abound as parties and social celebrations for The Scorpion, Al-Sargas cycle held by many Sythians come to an end, where many tend to continue the revelry and festivities for days, weeks and even months.

However a more pressing matter regarding the Black Forest and its surrounding borders being blocked off by what looks like a “dam of dead naked bodies” where news of “swampy boiling blood and melty rotting corpses” have been floating upstream contaminating the river passages are abound. Speculation is the entire Royal Banquet was poisoned, which has put the Tenysian commerce at a stand still.

With this comes reports of more smugglers, illegal trades happening in the routes established with Bheka, no official word was given about the matter except that Sythian delegates have been sent out in what locals are calling a ‘mass exile’ in which many claim is a “deliberate response for the befallen bird”, whatever that means.


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