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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
Changes: Sim Layout, City-States, RPCSS Factions, and Storyline. Read More

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SOF Designs is in the process of creating a new Second Life role-play sim for release in Spring of 2021. It is our intention to create a low fantasy backdrop to dark political role-play. The world is a human-only fantasy world that is by design intended to be unique enough to encourage creative expression yet familiar enough to reduce the initial learning curve.

This website and the sim build are all still being built. You are welcome to join our Discord or our Second Life Group to stay apprised of the development process and get sneak previews of the cultures, build, and upgrades to RPCSS. Most community polls and group discussions will be held in Discord as it is an easier platform for discussion.

The Arcovian Citadel is a natural successor to our Comraich project and is in fact set in the same universe.

Essealas is a continent within the Kingdoms of Comraich universe. It lays to the west of the previous incarnation of Comraich SL in 2017 and 200 years later. This incarnation comprises only human races and was populated during the invasion of the Tuatha de Dannan 1100 years ago. You will see both familiar and unfamiliar cultures in this new incarnation. Read More ..
Many of you have known Bane, Torolf and I as members of the Gorean community for years, specifically Torvaldsland. Many years ago, we moved away from running Gorean sims because the introduction of storylines and conflict was met with ever-increasing RP restrictions and sim to sim bans. To be fair, some of the pushback was based on legitimate criticisms; unrealistic raid reasons, too few fighting men, and ungorean behavior. Just as often, however, the difficulties stemmed from the nature of conflict roleplay in Gor - players didn't want their apple cart upset. Read More ..

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