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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Only human races live on the continent of Essealas.

Arcovia is a humans-only role-play sim. Non-human characters are not allowed. Magic does not actually exist here though many cultures believe in magic, supernatural creatures, superstitions and folk lore.

  • Unusual eye color and hair color are acceptable -- as long as it can not be defined as bright, neon, sparkly, or glowing.
  • Slightly pointed ears are a recessive trait that is acceptable. Anything larger then "hobbit" ears is not acceptable. These ears from Swallow are acceptable, and these are not.
  • Players are expected to dress in reasonably medieval attire. The sim is set to the Earth equivalent of 1000 to 1300. It is acceptable for fashion to be as early as the 700s or as late as the 1500s.
  • Some "fantasy armor" is acceptable as long as it can reasonably be used in combat, consequently, no high heels.
We want everyone to have fun with their toons and playing dress-up -- but this is a low fantasy sim so keep it reasonable. Aim for elegant and authentic and avoid outrageous and weird. The Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings aesthetic is the most appropriate.
Life Cycle
Humans of Essealas mature at about the same rate as other humans, but live a significantly longer life, as late as 150 years, with middle age only setting in sometime around 90.
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