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Hud Combat Dice (RPCSS)

From The Citadel

The RPCSS Hud has a set of combat dice built into the hud. Players personal attack rolls, defend rolls, hit points and saving throws are all handled by the Hud and RPCSS.

Combat is a basic dice system that involves attacking rolls against defending rolls, simple hit points, and a grevious wound roll at the end of combat. The average combat should take 2 to 7 turns at most to complete. The average combat round will be 3-4 turns.

How to Use

The Hud is not yet back from the developer, so this explains how its intended to work. Final details will be added once we see actual implementation:

  1. Post your SINGLE action role-play attack attempt.
  2. Click the dice on the hud, select a player for combat, and roll. The system will roll your attack dice, their defending dice, and then tell if you succeed or failed. Ex: "You failed to break thru their defense".
  3. If your attack was successful your opponents hit points will be reduced by 1.
  4. Your opponent responds to your attempt based on the dice roll. They should obviously accept a successful attack. In the same post they should make their own SINGLE action role-play attack attempt.
  5. They should click the dice on the hud, accept you and roll. The system will now compare their attack against your defend dice role, and tell you if it was successful or a failure.
  6. If there attack was successful you will loose a hit point.
  7. Repeat
  8. Finishing a Round: Everyone gets to finish the round even if they are knocked to 0 hit points in the beginning of the round.

Please Note

  • You can toggle yourself AFK with /4 afk which will keep you from being attacked while afk.
  • It is acceptable to use NPC guards as one or more of your hitpoints. So if you have three hit points you could claim two guards. When you loose a point they are dead/incapacitate, and save the last hit point for yourself. This is a fair and equitable solution for those players who are not playing warriors.
  • SINGLE action means that you can only perform one action in your post, not multiple actions. You can throw something, grab something, swing something, disengage, etc. You can not post more then action or post alternative, if this doesn't work I do that, scenarios.
  • It is acceptable to use your attack to disengage (and flee) the area. It must be the only action of your role, and if you are the originator of the conflict, the defender always gets to finish the round and try and trip your, harm you or block you with their end of round action.
Role Attack Dice Defend Dice G.W.B. HPS
Foundling, Slave, Servent 3d6 -2 3d6 +4 2
Agent to Warlord 3d6 +2 3d6+1 3
Agent to Coin Master 3d6 3d6+1 3
Agent to Spy Master 3d6+1 3d6 +2 3
Agent to Diplomat 3d6+1 3d6 3
Head Agent to the Warlord 3d6 +3 3d6 +2 +1 3
Head Agent to the Coin Master 3d6+1 3d6+2 +1 3
Head Agent to the Spy Master 3d6+2 3d6 +3 +1 3
Head Agent to the Diplomat 3d6+2 3d6+1 +2 4

Grievous Wound

Once a character reaches 0 hit points they are assumed to have been beaten. How harmed they are and how long it will take to recover is based on a grievous wound roll. The player who delivered the last attack will be given a chance to roll a 3d6 to determine the losing player's rate of hit point recovery. The GWB bonus above applies.

  • If the roll is 3-9 the winner delivers a Grievous Wound. The loser must immediately seek medical treatment and will recover at the rate of 1 HP every 4 days. If the loser is a head agent they lose their position in RPCSS and the next in line is promoted by RPCSS.
  • If the roll is between 10 and 13 the winner delivers a Grievous Wound, the loser must immediately seek medical treatment and will recover at the rate of 1 HP every 3 days.
  • If the roll is 14 - 18 the loser will survive the Grievous Wound and regain 1 HP every 2 days. Medical treatment is not necessary.
  • If the winner doesn't choose to roll for a previous wound, the natural rate of recovery is 1 HP every day.
Once a player is grievously wounded, they can not be grievously wounded again by anyone until they have fully healed. You don't get endless bites at the apple.

Reset / Moderator Call

There are going to be cases when players use or abuse the Combat Dice in ways that are not intended. Either just testing and not realising it detracts hitpoints, or intentionally trying to attack someone without role-play. If this happens, do not panic! Just copy the local chat and send it to Branwyn.Emerald and request a hit point reset.

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