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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Head Agent Role (RPCSS)

From The Citadel

Work in Progress, please submit ideas for improvement directly to Branwyn.Emerald in discord.

Mechanical Ideas

The discord channel has some tools to help the Head Agents

  • There is an IC-Leads tag and channel. You can get the tag by going to the #request-tag channel and checking on the crown reaction. This will give you access to the IC-Leads channel for talking with other Head Agents. It will also allow me to tag you for specific head agent information in discord.
  • You can also check on your faction reaction in the same #request-tag channel so you can speak in your city state channel on discord. There is also an @ tag for each of the city states so you can gain the attention of anyone in discord who is tagged as a member of your city state.
  • The #wiki-news-and-rumor channel is a way for you to post up rumors that will be moved from discord to this wiki's news and rumors page accessible other on the right bar here, as well as from the far most right icon on the RPCSS Arcovia Hud.
  • There is #rpcss-help channel for asking for help with RPCSS.

Direct Support

If you would like to have a voice chat and screen share with either Branwyn.Emerald or Torolf please just DM us in Discord. We will be happy to speak with you both privately and with your team if you like. We can share these ideas as well as give you some specific suggestions on what you can do for your next steps in RPCSS (that's the screen share part).

Roleplay Ideas

  • While its good to delegate jobs, its important to recognize that people will drop the ball or have scheduling issues. Plan for contingency and don't let it upset you ooc.
  • Assign individual armies or spies to agents below you is a nice way for soldiers and other spies to feel included in what happens in RPCSS.
  • Don't assume that players will actually do their RPCSS moves effectively, trust but verify.
  • Coinmaster agents can be assigned roles such as embassy judges, or chatelain that are responsible for the appearance and status of the "court" that is connected to the embassy. They can have the job of ensuring everyone looks and acts in a way that promotes the grandeur of the diplomatic core.
  • Encourage subordinates to "shadow you" as head agent so they can learn the role.

Reach Out

One of the values of RPCSS and the Faction page is that Head Agents can help the staff team by recruiting players to return, as well as encourage them to be more active. Certainly the players who are responding in discord are those who are known to be active, but not everyone uses discord. You can review the faction list page to see who else has signed up for the sim, who has active time on sim, what their role-play times are and what agent role they were interested in.

While there are likely some players on the list with zero time who are not interested in playing it could be due to any number of other reasons; such as they didn't get enough RP under a prior lead, they signed up for the sim but were drawn away unable to play, had been active but didn't get along with the team and moved on, or simply time zone's didn't work out.

So we encourage you to reach out to previous players with offers of role-play, current ongoing plots, and your own role-play time zones.

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