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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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From The Citadel


Gypsies, hordes, sell-swords, farmers, herdsmen, reavers, mauraders, etc.

The Essealas Continent is comprised of more than a million square miles, hundreds of small towns, many more villages, thousands of isolated dwellings, and individual noble estates. The continent includes arctic tundra, moors, grasslands, steppes, marshlands, chaparral scrub, desert, pine forests, Deciduous groves, and rolling hillsides.

The continent of Essealas has seen the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires, yet it is the walled city-state that remains as the bastion of safety, luxury, art, and elevated society. When a kingdom or empire becomes established and safety becomes commonplace, noble families leave the security of their city-states and build palatial homes along water and trade routes. When the land collapses into conflict, those that can afford it, and have homes within the high walls, return to their city-states hoping for the protection of the massive stone walls which house nearly 100,000 people each.

This creates a natural caste system within most of the city-states; those of wealth and power, their servants, and everyone else. Life outside of the city-states is primarily nomadic or feudal. Those who do not live in the city-states are considered to have a status even lower than city-state slaves. Such people are known as in-betweeners, lost folk, skraelings, foundlings, rovers, and strays. Within the Arcovian Citadel foundlings are allowed to live as long as they have work and can pay for food and lodging. Beggers and the homeless should expect harsh treatment from the Arcovian Citadel guildmembers.

Character Creation

If you enjoy this type of background character, or simply wish to visit the sim to look around, you are welcome to play such a character temporarily or long term. Its perfectly acceptable to toss on some homespun and go sightsee -- agents and city-state citizens will generally ignore you. Foundlings will never be accepted as agents and should not register to participate in RPCSS, but may be paid for useful intel.

We welcome any reasonable human fantasy culture that is of your own creation or a unique adaptation of popular human fantasy fiction suitable to a High Middle Ages world. Please keep your fiction small, native and local, say perhaps to a 10 square mile area.

No inter-dimensional travel, please.

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