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The continent of Essealas is an early medieval world where individual city-states have risen to power. Larger kingdoms and empires have come and gone and may come and go again. While noble families have right or claim to land outside of the walls of the city, there is no assurance that they will retain those lands. Armies, art, literature, luxury, and safety are to be had behind the walls of the city-state.

Each city-state is a small kingdom in and of itself - the average city-state controls fourteen thousand square miles and three-quarters of a million people. They have their own rulers and their own small councils.


The continent of Essealas exists within the same universe as the Kingdoms of Comraich. Approximately 1100 years ago an invasion of Tuatha de Dannan invaded the main world of Comraich, and many of the native human population left the mainland and sailed west, hoping to escape. They discovered the marginally populated continent of Essealas and established their own rulership. Read more History.
Size and Population
The continent of Essealas is one million square miles comprised of hundreds of small towns, many more villages, thousands of isolated dwellings, and individual noble estates. Each hex is approximately two thousand square miles and 44 miles across. A riding horse or commercial carriage can travel one hex per day, while an army can cross only 4 hexes per week. There are approximately 500 hexes on the map. The average population is 60 people per square mile, which is 120,000 per hex, this varies significantly from arable to wilderness to artic. A single city-state houses between 80,000 and 120,000 people within their walls.
Calendar and Zodiac
Essealas uses the same Calendar and Zodiac as Comriach, but the year is 1121.
Flora and Fauna
There is a wide selection of flora and fauna on Essealas that is unknowned to both our characters of Comraich and their Players of Earth. Creative introduction of living, realistic, but fantasy species of animal, mineral and plantlife is welcome. Unusual pets and mounts are available as long as players do not fly and are suitably sized for city life. Enjoy your fantasy bento mount skins and side-along pets. Species demonstrating cross fur and scales, cross feathers and fur, and cross feathers and scales are reasonably common.
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