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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Essealas is a continent within the Kingdoms of Comraich universe. It lays to the west of the previous incarnation of Comraich SL in 2017 and 200 years later. This incarnation comprises only human races and was populated during the invasion of the Tuatha de Dannan 1100 years ago. You will see both familiar and unfamiliar cultures in this new incarnation.

What has changed?

Most of the old cultures are available, but a lot has changed since Comraich for Arcovia -- we learned a lot and felt some restructure was necessary. So while they do both exist within the same universe, Arcovia is 200 years in the future and on a whole different continent that has had no contact with the mainland for 1100 years. Consequently, while you are welcome to bring a previous character in as a re-boot, it can not actually BE the same character from Comraich.

Second, while there are plenty of noble houses to be written into lore, the factions are centered around one of twelve city-states not landed noble houses. Comraich offered an amazing opportunity for players to craft their own families, but when those families became canon and the admin team had to keep them filled with active leaders it created a momentous task that was best re-evaluated. So, we have kept the option for players to craft their own noble families (or merchant houses, guilds, companies, etc) but moved the faction up to the city-state level rather then down at the noble house level. This also offered the added benefit of opening up the available back stories.

The in-world location has been centralized to a single city, rather then the four we had. The four cities was a really fun attempt, but it created disconnects regarding travel, and isolated parts of the player base into sections of the sim. This has been changed, and while there are separate thematic districts, they are within a single city.

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