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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Combat Resolution (RPCSS)

From The Citadel

At the end of turn, RPCSS will determine the results of any combat that ensues. The process is explained in detail here

Step 1 - Determine Combat Strength of both sides
  1. Add up Unit Strength for Attacking Army (Infantry 1, Knights 2, Seige see below) for each Army.
    • Add 1 point for each friendly army in any adjacent hexes that have an active support order.
    • Seige Engine
      If attacking a fortified hex, add 4 points for each seige unit.
  2. Add up Unit Strength for the Defending Army (Infantry 2, Knights 1) for each Army.
    • Add 1 if the army has been given a defend order.
    • Add the strength of any Fortifications in the hex such as a castle or stronghold for the defender. (Strongholds 1, Castles 2)
    • Add 1 point for each friendly army in any adjacent hexes that have an active support order.
Step 2 - Determine the winner of the battle
  1. Compare Combat Strength of each faction, the faction with the higher strength wins. We do not use random rolls as it opens itself up to accusations of cheating. The stronger side wins.
  2. In case of tie, compare Faction Influence each faction
  3. If still tie, compare Court Level of each faction
  4. If still tied, compare the number of hexes owned by each faction
Step 3 - Determine casualties
  1. The loser begins by taking 2 casualties. Casualties are in units.
    • If the loser is the defender reduce the damage by the fortification value (stronghold 1, castle 2).
  2. Destroyed units are determined by the following progression:
  • Infantry first,
  • Knights second,
  • Siege third
Step 4 - Retreats and Routing
  1. If attacker loses, he retreats back one hex along his march path.
  2. If defender loses, he retreats to an adjacent empty. If one is not available, the army is destroyed.
  3. Routed units move at a rate of 3 hexes per turn instead of 4 until they reach a hex with a friendly stronghold or castle. Friendly means their own as well.

Reviewed and updated: 12/23/2020.

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