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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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From The Citadel

Chayuan is one of the eastern districts and is home to the diplomatic chambers for Khonzhou, Fendahl and Tenysia. Chayuan's architect is most indicative of Khonzhou style, but as a blended district, the influence of Fendahl and Tenysia can also be found. Chayuan was clearly designed to demonstrate the eastern skill in gardens and natural living.

This is one of the four diplomatic districts and represents the wealth and power of the city-state agents that call this district home. There are dozens of other fictional districts in the city which are not represented in world. Feel free to claim that your character actually lives or works in Little Bottom, Saucy Knot, Rapstein's Rose, Little Lane, or any number of other districts both more and less sophisticated.

The Gardens

Peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful, the gardens are a prime place to visit for a moment of quiet contemplation. Book in hand, resting against a blossoming tree, one could almost forget they’re within the metropolitan heart of Essealas within the garden’s bounds. With the near endless opportunities to survey the beauty of nature, it’s no wonder that the gardens are a favored location of Arcovia’s artists. Inspiration aplenty can be found among the blooms, or even the friendly clowder of cats that has made a local shrine their home. Couples searching for a romantic place to picnic can be found peppered throughout, either utilizing the area's shelters or with blankets spread on the grass. Arguably, one of the most romantic spots in the city, there are still enough little hidden spaces for less scrupulous clandestine activities.

The Teahouse

Though the sign on the door and all of its official paperwork dub this tranquil collection of booths Shao Xiang Chaliao, it’s rarely ever referred to by its full official title. Simply known as the Chaliao or The Teahouse, this gem hosts one of the most private and secluded dining experiences throughout the city. The separate tables meant for individual parties to share, can be easily partitioned off, shutting out busybodies from overhearing confidential conversations. If you aren't there to dine on the lightly flavored broths, or noodle based dishes served with fresh wild game, then you’ve likely been asked to attend one of the area's tea ceremonies. Tranquilene in its deliberacy, this particular method of sharing a beverage is truly a meditative experience worth having.

The Dojo Park

A place to strengthen not just your body, but also your mind. The dojo and adjacent park offer up a space to train in, and even be taught the ways of several of the martial practices of some of Essealas’ more eastern City-States. Practices that often focus heavily on discipline and control in combination with the strength and speed needed for prowess in combat. Citizens who have migrated into Arcovia from the places in which these methods are exercised, know the importance of continued diligent training, even after mastery. While likely sharing a common ancestor, the different types of sparring taught and trained here have been adapted into several wildly varying iterations. Preferred weapons and the specific nature of the practice itself vary, the focus needed to be effective remain central to their cores.

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