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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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Character Setup

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Character setup is done via a hud. All characters are human though many fantasy elements exist within the natural genetics of humans on Essealas. Each character is either working for one of the six active city-states or is a foundling. The ideal character is an agent living in Arcovia.

World Backstory

Essealas is a continent in the same universe as the Kingdoms of Comraich. This world is a low magic medieval fantasy world based on the fusion of historical earth folklore and a wide selection of other low magic fantasy worlds such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. The earth-approximate time period is 1100-1300 with a wider range for fashion and technology. It is intended to be a flexible and familiar setting.

Each of the thirteen city-states has approximately 100,000 people in the city alone, with many towns and villages in the surrounding areas. The continent of Essealas is at least the size of Europe.

Character Backstory

The ideal character is a lesser member of a noble house, wealthy merchant house, politically savvy guild, clan or military structure from one of the twelve city-states. While not all of the city-states have nobility, those that do have at least 200-300 different noble houses, and it is perfectly acceptable for someone to play a member of a noble house.

If you choose to play the leader of a noble house, merchant house, guild clan or military organization, please ask yourself why that character is in Arcovia rather than back home taking care of business themselves. Don't set yourself up with a premise that limits your characters role-play options.


The story takes place in the central city-state of Arcovia. Only the city-state of Arcovia is represented in-world.


The continent of Essealas is an early medieval world where individual city-states have risen to power. Larger kingdoms and empires have come and gone and may come and go again. While noble families have right or claim to land outside of the walls of the city, there is no assurance that they will retain those lands. Armies, art, literature, luxury, and safety are to be had behind the walls of the city-state.


All characters are human, though many of the bloodlines in individual city-states have unusual hair, eye, skin, and ear features. Please check the appearance section for your chosen city-state. World fashion is historical earth normal with small fantasy accents; gowns, doublets, robes, and the trappings of nobility are expected.

City States vs Foundlings

It is possible to play a character who is not a member of any city-state -- these types of people are called Foundlings. However, the average foundling rarely wanders farther than 10 miles from where they were born, and have little interest or understanding of the politics going on in the wider world. The storyline of the sim is best suited for those who live in the city-states.

Agents vs Occupations vs Slaves

The average player is already an agent or hoping to be hired as an agent. Many agents also have other occupations -- the best of which are real and not just cover. Within Arcovia, each city-state has its own quarters and servants or slaves to care for the agents. You are welcome to play a servant or slave if you do not wish to play politics.

Ready to Join?

If you are ready to join up, please read the How to Join page.

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