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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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From The Citadel

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Maesters of Game of Thrones, the Spacing Guild of Dune, the Illuminati, and the Inquisition.

In centuries past, the Arcovian guild rose from obscurity to dominate the field of Essealas' politics. A rare white bird known as the céon would be discovered and trained to carry messages from city-state to city-state quickly and intelligently. This single discovery and its subsequent implementation would allow the guild to gain control of their own city-state. Eventually, their proprietory process of raising and training the birds would give the guild control over the information network of the entire landmass.

The céon would hunt and kill any lessor messenger bird and soon all of the city-states would be forced to manage their far-flung forces, spy networks, and merchant endeavors via the Arcovian guild. While the guild claims to be a neutral party, no city-state would be foolish to trust such assertions. "Trust but verify" would be the hallmark of the new political landscape. City-states would have no choice but to send their own agents to the Citadel where they might verify every message sent to or from their homeland.

The Arcovia Guild is comprised of scholars, scientists, physicians, inquisitors, and information brokers. The guild holds to a strict and non-negotiable code of ethics and morals. Within the city limits, the guild enforces its laws against information theft, intimidation, promiscuity, graft, and drugs. For the most part, these laws are only enforceable within the city limits. However, as they are the information traders of the entire world, they have a broad reach and the ability to bring pressure to bear when they choose to use it.

Player Characters
At this time, the Arcovian Guild itself is not open to player characters. Individuals may be recruited to play NPCs in the guild if needed. It is our intention to only use the guild to re-direct unsustainable plot-lines, if and only if necessary.
Arcovian medicine is advanced. Arcovian healers have access to surgical grade anesthesia, hospital grade antibiotics and intravenous transfusions. Obviously, nothing that requires electronics or imaging is available.
Technology in Essealas is generally advanced but excludes electricty and fire arms of all types. For more details please look at this History of Technology Timeline up to and including 1455.
Sim Layout
There are five dedicated districts available to players in-world; the market squar house district, the citadel district, the mead hall district and the garden district. These districts are known to be populated by diplomats of the other city-states. More details on the layout of the in-world city and its districts can be found on the Sim Layout page.

Legal Guidelines

This is a work in progress as situations arise

Damage to Property
The Arcovia guild expects each person to make a significant attempt to resolve disputes through mediation with any acceptable third party in the case of damage to property. If mediation does not work, the injured party has the right to challenge the other party for satisifaction. If the other party refuse the challenge the issue can be brought before the Guild Master. However, it is common knowledge that doing so is not in either parties favor and is rarely done.
If your property, cow, horse, dog, slave, etc, damages someone else's property the owner is responsible.
Pre-Meditated Murder
Only pre-meditated murder is illegal. (If you get into a fight with someone, challenge them to a fight, or randomly loose control, and the player chooses to take a perma-death instead of just a grevious wound then you have not committed a crime. However if it can be proven you intended to kill them and they do take the death or even if they don't, you can be brought up on charges.)
Diplomatic Court
Should an incident involve foreign dignitaries of other city-states the Arcovian Guild does offer an opportunity to expedite the trial process. Foreign dignitaries may convene The Diplomatic Court for handling of disputes that involve members not native to, but living within Arcovian city limits. The Diplomatic Court can be convened with no fewer than three diplomatic members in good standing with the Guild who are not known to be aligned with either the defendant or prosecutorial party. If those individuals can come to a unanimous decision regarding the defendant’s guilt or innocence, then the Arcovian Guild will accept the ruling on behalf of our own governing party. The Diplomatic Court is typically held within The Forums in Al’Shadar. Please send formal recommendations to the Court Clerk by no less then three days past the finalization of the trial.
Restricting Access to Arcovia (RPCSS)
Should a character be deemed to be a threat to the secrecy and security of their city state, their access to messages on behalf of the city-state can be revoked by Arcovia. (I.e. removed from the city state in RPCSS.)
The procedure calls for the convening of a Diplomatic Court at a time mutually agreed upon by all parties. If the defendant does not show for their hearing at the agreed upon time then a letter requesting access restriction, signed by all Head Agents of the City-State, can be sent to the Arcovia Guildmaster. The defendant will have the right to appeal the charge once.

Contacting the NPC Player Team

For now, the best way to contact the NPC Team for the Arcovia faction is to send a letter addressed to the guild to Branwyn.Emerald either in Discord or Second Life.

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