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Scots, Welsh and Irish People of Medieval Earth, and the Frem and Smallfolk of Comraich.

This city-state is not represented on sim, nor does it have an RPCSS faction. Players may have characters who's home is from this city-state, but they will need to work for one of the other factions or play as a founding in RPCSS. Read More

Albion lies on the edge of the moors, just inland of the white cliffs that line the western coast of Essealas. Albion itself is an unexpected architectural marvel built of low octagonal white stone towers. The architecture has been hailed as a feat of cultural beauty that blends the traditional Iron Age structures with modern construction. The stone is quarried from the nearby cliffs that give Albion its name as the "white lands". The central city boasts aqueducts and central heating known as hypocaust.

Albion food is considered hearty but plain fare. In the last few centuries, chefs from Telrae'dor and Tiberia have been offered enormous sums to come work for Albion noble families. Pastries, sweets and most fruits are considered luxury goods. Read More


Fremfolk do not have the stoicism of Bretons, but instead have an irrepressible buoyancy, a vivacious spirit, a kindliness and tolerance for the common frailties of man, and a feeling that "it is time enough to bid the Dark Man good morning when you meet him". These are character traits which the Northmen have associated with their Fremfolk neighbors for nearly a thousand years. Read More

Fremfolk are organized into land-based clans, each with its own laird, territories, and keeps. However, with the exception of the occasional cattle raids, stolen bride, and honor feud, the clans are united under a monarchy. The council of lairds is responsible for choose or ratifying each new ruler. A specific set of virtues is expected in a ruler, and the council has been known to make unexpected choices, including the choice of ruling queens, or shared and equal rulership between siblings or spouses.

The Fremfolk have a tendency to expect their monarch, council, and allies to "work it the feck out". This is not to say they are not political-minded, for they certainly are skilled spies and statesmen when needed, but rather they expect everyone at the table to be acting for the greater good. Once a person or people are deemed to be motivated by petty or personal agendas, the Fremfolk will work to remove them from the equation. "He wouldn't listen" is a common phrase that is said when asked why a troublesome diplomat has gone missing.

The Fremfolk get along well enough with their neighbors, though if one were to get an honest answer they would find the Eurese too warlike, the Bretons to cold, and the Dyrlings too untrustworthy. Interestingly enough, the Fremfolk seem to be most fond of the Rus.


Fremfolk are most known for their red hair which ranges from strawberry blonde to the darkest auburn. Freckles are adorably common. Their body height and stature vary significantly, so significantly that tends to support the theory that the Fremfolk of Essealas predates the arrival of the other peoples. Fremfolk can be as short at 4 feet, as tall as 7 feet, as thick as a millstone, and as delicate as a willow. Their skin color ranges from the palest cream to the darkest nut brown. Their eyes are typically unusual shades of bright blue or green.

Warm tartans will never go out of fashion for a people so close to the chilly mist rolling off the vast moors. For those traveling out of the city, thick socks, ghillies, kilts, and doublets/bodices are practically a necessity. And while this is their iconographic dress, the Fremfolk love beauty, fashion, and comfort. They borrow styles regularly from their neighbors; the Alfarians, Dyrlings, and Euresu. Yet their glorious red hair and skilled embroidery will put their own touch on foreign styles.


The Fremfolk's creation myth and subsequent legends suggest that they, as a people, predate the arrival of the others. Even more curiously, they worship the same god as the Dyrlings, Athlendyr. The religion of Athlendry is based on the concept of “deep magic” also known as the Law. To the Fremfolk this law is the law of nature and the inherent concept of good and evil. Athlendyr does not claim to have written the law but to have been there when it was.

The Fremfolk are served by the Heargweard Monks, who differ significantly from the Maessere priests of the Dyrlings. While the monks are obligated to perform weekly liturgical services, ancient traditions continue after the regular service. It is not uncommon to find a Heargweard monk sitting under the great oak near to the church, dispensing stories, offering marital advice, blessing babies, and predicting one’s love prospects.

The Fremfolk bury their dead in cairns on the high moors and believe that they will go on to Annwn, the afterlife. They perform divination with the ogham and hold the great oak sacred. Most cairns will be found near one of these old oaks, which they call Crann Bethadh and believe to represent the tree of life.

Expanded Lore
Further reading and links for the culture obsessed.

Small Council NPCs

Role Description
Aoibhínn and Isla O'Scanlan
Aoibhínn and Isla are sisters who rule Albion together. They are in their mid 40s and have ruled the kingdom for more than 15 years. When the sisters were originally appointed as co-ruler, it was expected that one of them would make a strong political marriage and it would be one of the sisters and their husband who would rule as king or queen. However, the two sisters have instead chosen to remain unwed and to rule together. There are numerous nephews and nieces from whom they might choose a successor and the country as a whole is deeply loyal to the two kind and considerate rulers.
Odhran O'Scanlan
Odhran O'Scanlan is one of those nephews of the Queens, and holds the position as head diplomat on their small council. It is generally believed that if something were to happen to the queens, he is their preferred successor. He is also believed to have the support of the council of Lairds. He's a handsome man in his late 20's with the requisite red gold hair and a charming manner.
Brody Griffin
Brody Griffin is a salty old captain who has served the royal court as Warlord for more then 60 years. Every time there is some talk of finding his successor some trouble arises and the old war dog proves once again that his experience is something the people of Albion just can not do with out. It is said that he has foiled nearly three dozen assassination attempts in his long life. He is clearly beloved of Athlendyr.
Matilda Muldowney
Brains and blarney are said to be the two gifts given to the Fremfolk by their god. Such gifts are in abundance in Matilda Muldowney the Albion coin master. Her head for business is legendary, as is her sharp and witty storytelling. She is of the mature age of 39 and her round figure and sparkling smile still leaves a trail of broken hearts behind her, and profitable trades before her.
Jaxon Madigan
Spy Master
Jaxon Madigan, like most spy masters, has the skill of looking like everyone and no one. His modest dress and conservative manners allows him to fade into the back ground and emerge on the otherwise unnoticed. He is said to have acute hearing and eagle eye marksmanship with a bow. Rumor has it that he is more then a spymaster and is infact the queen's personal assassin. This has never been confirmed.


Terms and phrases associated with this city-state will develop during role-play. If you would like to submit a phrase you use regularly please DM Branwyn.Emerald


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