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June 1, 2021: North versus South, the war for Western Arcovia.
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The most common role for players is that of an agent who is working for the small council of a city-state. The small council of each city-state contains a diplomat, a general, a coin master, and a spymaster. Each small council member will hire at least a few individual agents to be their eyes and ears in the Citadel. The most active agent of each small council member will be the one to send messages back to their home state. These messages will dictate the city's actions. (We will be using RPCSS to simulate the sending and implementation of orders.)

To become the most active agent for one of these roles will require a) you to be active on the sim b) your predecessor to fail to do their job.

Agent of the Diplomat
The Head Diplomatic Agent will be responsible for overseeing the other agents, welcoming new agents, and if necessary removing an agent from their position. Other agents are responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with the other city-states. If there are enough agents, individual assignments may be given by the head diplomat. The term excellency is used for the lead diplomatic agent in the Citadel.
Agent of the General
The Head Agent for the General, typically titled as captain, is responsible for sending the orders that will move troops, occupy new land, and muster additional troops. Other agents in the employ of the General, and overseen by the captain, are responsible for assessing the military might of the other city-states and planning conflict that occurs.
Agent of the Coin Master
The Head Agent of the Coin Master is responsible for sending the messages needed to occupy new land, collect taxes, increase court level, and establish trade routes. Assistant agents are responsible for helping to establish new trade agreements. The Head agent to the Coin Master is typically known as minister.
Agent of the Spy Master
The Head Agent of the Spy Master is responsible for sending spies out to the far corners of the land, as well as gaining intelligence needed by the other roles to do their jobs and stay informed. All spy agents are responsible for gaining and passing on intel. Most agent spies wish to keep their position a secret, but should the head agent of the spymaster need be called by a title, it would be regidor.

As an agent, your primary job is to get out there and get to know people. Learn their secrets, find out who their friends are, who they are sleeping with, and what plots they are plotting. Every conversation will bring you closer to knowing how to succeed in this cutthroat world. But be careful, Arcovian spies are everywhere watching and waiting to catch you at something illegal.

Agent of the Citadel
While players can not have characters as direct members of the guild, the guild is known to pay good coin for useful intel, especially reports of agents who have broken one of their laws.
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